Independent and Work Ready CIC Creativity Product Creation Competition - Get Involved if you have a Disability or Learning Difficulty.

We need your help!!  Do you want to help us?

Can you draw?

Or can you take a photo?  Can you paint?

Or write?  Use drama or film or music?

Or make a family-friendly appropriate video/comedy sketch?

We want people of all abilities and backgrounds to have a go.

We need to collect your creativity, your photography, or your artwork, or your writing, or your poems, to demonstrate everything that there is to celebrate in nature, or, if you prefer, your hopes for life after the Coronavirus. 

There will be AT LEAST one winner who will win firstly an item of their choice from the website. More importantly however the artwork or photography submitted will bemade into a product such as a cotton bag, notebook, mugs for example or other appropriate product. We will work with the individual or individuals when determining the product. We will pay a commission payment of 50% of all profits to the winner for each sale from our website. This will also look good on any CV when looking for work. The winning product will also be fully promoted on our website and online shop. This will also help us develop a service to promote employability and creativity making a valued contribution to helping others as our work is non for profit. Anyone with a disability or chronic health condition is welcome and encouraged to support us. For example Learning or Physical or Sensory disability or chronic health issues like mental health. Your efforts will really help us support more individuals. We are looking for creativity and originality but this is a mixed ability competition to create a product and we want to promote inclusion and consider how the entry relates to life after Covid 19 or nature. The entry must be your own work. The winner will be judged and agreed by four judges connected to IWR.

We want to raise awareness of our site and organisation, especially at this difficult time.  We want to promote ability and, through this project, hope to connect people.

Do you support or know anyone who would like to be involved for free in our not- for-profit competition? 

Entries can be emailed with your details  to: If you have any questions just ask, thank you. By submitting your entry you are agreeing to us showing your entry and developing a product with you.

Enter as many times as you like between now and the 25th June.  Tell others and spread the word.  We would love this to show different talents and ideas globally.

Also contact us if you want to get involved in our site, writing or doing any reviews, for example, you may like to review different self isolation ideas.

Some of the Entries so far: