Free Art Competition Get Involved if you have a Disability or Learning Difficulty

We need your help!!

Can you draw? or
Can you take a photo?  Can you paint?

We need to collect your creativity, your photography, or your artwork, or your writing of your poems to demonstrate everything that there is to celebrate in nature, or, if you prefer, your hopes for life after the Coronavirus. 

We will publish and promote your work via our website.  We will partner with you if you win to make a product.  You can help select from your design.  We will sell online to help set up and support the services. 

We want to raise awareness of our site and organisation, especially at this difficult time.  We want to promote ability and through this project hope to connect people and do this.

Do you support or know anyone who would like to be involved for free in our not-for-profit competition?

Entries will get a reward for participating and one winner, and possibly others,  will get there idea made into a product and some online credit to spend.  We hope to also be able to extend our services moving forward and would love to hear your ideas. 

Participants should have a disability of any type, including those with learning disabilities, mental health or chronic conditions.

Entries can be emailed to: