Art Creative Websites and Apps for Creative Learning and Activities

Here are a list of useful creative art tool websites for creating your own art and trying different approaches, all are free.  The list includes a wide range of different options and approaches, worth looking through to find your best sites.  Autodraw - a fast drawing game guessing what you are drawing, the website will then suggest images of the item you were trying to draw.  Why not make your own colouring book?

Scrap Colouring.  Over 250 digital papers, origami lessons, different colouring books.


Thinker Cadmasses of very different creative tasks including using bricks, mind craft, coding, planting, electronics and other craft materials

Online colouring book Just Colour.

More online colouring.  Create your own abstract art pictures online and then you can save.

Toy Theatre allows you to build with coloured blocks, do animations, paint, doodle and more.  Lots of games.  She combines traditional art materials with found objects such as feathers, twigs, shells, cloth and more. You can create your own digital collage versions using your own.

Learn to draw or do some drawing from Access Art. This may help because they have some useful videos on how to learn to draw.

Start 2 help your mental wellbeing with 70 creative practical tasks, being creative, using art, photography, writing, drawing, collage, textiles, animation, mindfulness self-help and fun, however artistic you are.

Tate.  Create your own art masterpieces from painting to street art with a range of art games online.

Kinderart.  Creative art challenges.

Sketch.  An online drawing tool for you and create, save and share your work.

My Paint.  An app and website useful for those interested in professional graphic design and also quite easy to use.

Cartoon Critics.  Lots of cartoon colouring, drawing and activities.

Literacy Shed.  For creative writing, using film clips and animations. 

Muffed PotatoLearn to draw in minutes with this You Tube channel using numbers and letters including learning to draw animals, comics and themes that include Star Wars.

How to Draw it. Gives detailed yet fairly simple instructions for drawing a massive range of animals


PicCollage help make creative collages and bring pictures to life - great fun on the iPad.

Doodle Buddy -an art doodle drawing app.  Draw your own pictures or use loads of included backgrounds.

  • Over 1400 stamps to decorate your drawings and images.
  • Smudge works, just like your finger on chalk, but your fingers don't get dirty but still more interactive.
  • Stencils make it easy to draw great accurate shapes, and even snowflakes for a winter scene if you wish.

Draw and Tell 

Simple creative app you can record not just your drawing but also an audio so you can tell a story. There are lots of creative drawing options, papers, colouring, stickers and much more.

Stop Motion Studio 

Create simple animations, showing figures that come to life and move, simply by following the app instructions and taking lots of photos as you move items slowly so they appear to move, creating your own animation video.


While this app is maybe intended for the young, it is still a family-wide app for all.  It is great for creating your own cartoons and animations and exploring story creation and development for your English skills.  Good fun.

ChatterPix creates short fun animations making photos speak, very easy and combines well with Book Creatorapp to make ebooks. 

Puppet Pals - make your own animated stories

Use Bitmoji to create an avatar character of yourself and pick adjectives to do a descriptive poster about yourself and your hobbies and interests

Picture This.
  A free app helps you identify plants, flowers and trees so you can name them.  Use this app and Pic Collage or Canvas to make a creative nature collage.

Comic Book Websites:

Online free comic book options to create your own comic book strips

Pixton -

Make Believe comics -

Storyboard That - a website for creating comic book stories  


Sharp Brains.  Improve your observation skills with lots of pictures that at first appear the same but actually are different.