Autism Spectrum Resources Life and Work

NAS Advice about work with Autism - see the eBook Finding Work workbook.  They are also starting an online employability course for free.

The YouTube channel by the Autism Genius gives a clear, insightful and funny look at life from the point of view of this young man, covering many vital topical daily life issues very frankly and very relevant to young people sharing major milestones.  https://youtube/afEUYktRW_4.  See

The Ambitious about Autism Toolkit allows you to  work out and explain your version of normal or, in other words, what life is like for you to others to help them understand your reality.  You can explain your situation, such as how much sleep you get, what interests you have and what challenges you face.  You can get across simply how you feel about the important things.

Network Autismprovides information to help those with Autism that have issues with food.  This can, for example, occur due to issues with certain textures.  Some people with Autism may find they have deficiencies in certain vitamins like zinc and B vitamins.  Here, you will find a useful interview on eating issues with Autism from Dr Elizabeth Shea.   

Autism Toolbox.  Bucks covers a wide range of Bucks Autism services, advice, local support and activities for independence with Autism.  It has a wide range of topics, including looking at behaviour, communication, staying safe, learning, work, leisure and relationships.

National Autistic Society - Finding Employment.  A free onlinecourse for people with autism to help them prepare for work.

Autism - Everyday Life from the NAS covers many issues, including driving.

The Asperger's and ASD UK Online Forum allows those with Autism conditions to discuss with others a range of life topics, like diet, employment, benefits, resources, education and much more to discuss topics and exchange ideas.

Talk About Autism.  Ambitious About Autism offer a fee online community and forum for people interested in autism to share experiences, get support and discuss autism.  It is a popular site used by family members, professionals, and people with autism.

The NHS Autismwebsite is useful for understanding autism, where to look to get a diagnosis as a child or an adult, useful links and a look at what autism is and how it affects day to day life.  It includes easy read information for those who it would help, looks also at where to get support and looks at connected conditions.

Amha.  A Buckingham website involving blogging, sharing art, music, films, photography and writing, aimed at those who are on the autism spectrum and have mental health problems to express themselves and be creative. 

Spectrum Asperger’s Magazine.

Autism Bucks is an online Bucks relevant autism signposting resource offering support and advice agencies in Buckinghamshire relevant to Autism.  Plus, education and work opportunities for young people and also information and support services for adults with Autism too.

Action for Asperger's is a Charity in the UK that offers counselling to those with Autism conditions.  For those not local to the Charity, the counselling is done throughout the UK via Skype. 

NAS Managing Money online free training.

Key Club Bucks is for young people with Autism Spectrum conditions offering a social club and many creative projects for 16-30 year olds.

Ambitious about Autism offers an Autism Exchange and offers work placements, often in the Civil Service.  You would be based in London or the Home Counties.  https://youtube/vpo8N9OYn6E

Autism and Technology Support from Call Scotland.  See the app wheels, posters and leaflets to help you manage disability, get the most out of technology and ensure accessibility, like computers and tablets.

Social Stories and Comic Strips: NAS.  This website helps you explain what to expect and a sequence of events that will happen to reduce stress and help understanding.

Ambitious about Autism - Employ Autismexplore an employment scheme for people with Autism to bridge the gap between education and paid work through working in partnership with the civil service

Using apps for comic book conversations and visual strategies shows how effective these can be.

Personal Communication Passports help you record details about you and your preferences, to help others understand your needs better and how you like to communicate, together with explaining the strategies that work best for you for smoother easier interactions with others.

AppyAutism is a website containing a very large database of information about applications for computers, tablets and smart phones that are aimed at those with autism to help with independence and life.  The technology, such as the apps that feature is regularly updated.

The DWP Autism and Neurodiversity Toolkit for Staff and Managers is a detailed resource, giving practical solutions to help those with Autism function well in the workplace, providing practical tips to help employees at work and also considers other hidden conditions like ADHD.

Different Togethera website offering support and resources for those whose partner has Aspergers or is on the Autism Spectrum.

Shaw Trust IT Challengefor young people with disabilities to demonstrate IT skills. If aged 13-24, you can apply if you have a physical disability, sensory disability, autism, learning difficulty, like dyslexia or other disability.  You can then represent the UK at the Global UK challenge in India.  To get this chance, you have to attend  a three-day event that tests your IT Skills, like using Excel and your IT abilities, like programming and your creativity.  https://youtube/fTe02ssTonc

Call Scotland Technology Support to help those with Autism.   

Assisted technology and digital resources for students with Autism from teach.comincludes lots of technology links for those with autism and other disabilities.  It is an American website.

Commtap Adaptable speech therapy resources for all aspects of communication and social skills

Rosie King is one of a number of Autism speakers talking about life with Autism.  The girl is 16 and talks very openly about her life with Autism on TED TALKS that also has speakers with other disabilities and conditions and is very current and informative and often inspiring.

Autism Hangout offers YouTube videos from Psychologist, Tony Attwood, who talks about life and its challenges when you are on the Autism Spectrum.

Autism Research Centreis set up and run by the University of Cambridge and it provides the latest Autism research, programmes and information with a range of up to date publications.

The Brain Charitywork with individuals with any neurological condition which can be very wide-ranging, but includes Autism, Brain Injury, Stroke, Cluster Headaches, ADHD, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy and much more.  They offer lots of practical help with understanding your condition, employment tips, information and advice, including a large library and many resources, benefits advice, Carer support and young people services.  They also have lots of emotional support services like counselling, lists of support groups, help with confidence and employability.

Autism Digest has regular blogs from individuals with autism, including well-known Temple Grandin and others who are on the Autism/Asperger’s Spectrum.

Synapse have a website named covering different aspects of Autism, including relationships information and different types of relationships and difficulties in different relationships and what can help overcome this.

Autism Quality of Life American Autism podcast