Basic Health videos and resources

Here you will find basic videos and links for explaining important physical health concepts like the immune system: that helps keep you well, understanding viruses, bacteria, and the difference between the two. It is worth noting some types of bacteria are even good for us for a number of reasons like for helping our digestion, also for improving our immune system to help us fight infection, help us discourage bad bacteria by making the environment of our bodies unsuitable for bad bacteria and to help us manage stress. This good bacteria can be found in some foods like natural yogurt. You encourage good bacteria by eating healthily, having lots of fruit and vegetables and taking pro-bionics.   

We also look here at videos of common physical health issues like colds and flu and how they spread and how to stay well. Also how common health conditions for example: How Cancer develops and spreads is explored in simple terms. There is also information on other fairly common conditions and health risks like diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, dementia and asthma.  

While it is important to protect against risks from germs we must not get too over worried. Our immune system that protects us from getting ill is very effective and the existence of some germs helps us develop an effective useful immune system for when we most need it to fight harmful germs like bacteria and viruses.

Also if you are worried about symptoms see your doctor, do not just Google and worry yourself. If you want to look up a condition your doctor confirms you have use trusted sites like found on this web-site under Health.       

TED ED offers lots of educational lessons on different health conditions you can learn about that explain ideas simple but are very well informed

How germs spread 

How colds and flu spread to others 


All about Flu and how to stop it NHS

RCGP Self care for colds and flu how To manage having the flu

 How to wash your hands properly. You should wash your hands while singing Happy Birthday to yourself twice. This will mean you wash your hands for the right amount of time. You should use this technique from the WHO shown in this video. 

The difference between a virus and a bacteria  

Understanding how Cancer happens and spreads basics as explained by Harvard University from Patient Ed See also 

Easy read Macmillan Cancer


Diabetes UK What is diabetes? explains the two main types of diabetes and what the condition means 

Easy Health Diabetes 2

 Easy Read Diabetes Type 1 NHS  South Tees

TED ED Heart Attacks 

Easy Health resource Healthy Heart

What is a Stoke and explains the main symptoms to look for as explained by Health Sketch in a short animated simple video, one of a number on different health condition from their You Tube channel  Also Easy read Easy Health Stroke


Understanding Asthma explained by TED ED With there How does Asthma work? 

What is Dementia? As explained by the Alzheimer's society in a short animated film on the condition 

Ted Ed explains how antibiotics (certain medicines used on bacteria to kill or stop their negative impact) work and how resilience develops which means antibiotics are stopping working.This helps explain why we must only take antibiotics when really needed . 

Ted Ed How does your immune system work?

This is how your body protects you from getting ill and gets you better when you are ill.

 NHS basic cartoon explaining the health issues and condition of obesity