Career insight videos


There are many career areas. Here we have selected just a few videos to give you insight into a few career options. You need to explore careers that may work for you by first, thinking about your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, your skills, qualities, personality, life experience.

Then you need to consider what work experience and qualifications would help you. You should also consider if your hobbies and interests would be useful and if they would have helped you develop any transferable skills. Do the interests you currently have lead you to any set career areas. What may you be good at based on the interests and hobbies you already have?

You need to focus mainly on a career and job area that interests YOU not what your family does or  what your family or others want you to do. You must however try to have an open mindset and be willing to try some work experience in areas you may first be reluctant. It can be useful to talk to people who know you well like your family and friends or professional's like a teacher or possible a youth worker who knows you. It can also be useful to talk it through with someone who does not know you as well such as a careers advisor. It can be very useful to go to career, volunteering and jobs fairs as you may get ideas and become aware of options you do not realise.

It can be useful to research local companies and local charities were you may get some experience. It can be useful looking at job adverts even if you are not ready to apply. If you read the job description and person specification this details firstly the day to day type of activities and also details the type of person the company is looking for. It can give useful insight into skills, and qualities that would be useful as well as and needed qualifications.  For most if not all jobs it is good to improve your maths and English as much as you can. Often depending on the industry other skills like IT are also useful.

It is very useful to use sites like the National Careers Service to search careers, there is lots of information that is trusted about career paths. It can be very useful to visit a careers advisor for the latest careers information. Services like the job Centre may also be useful as there may be work programs you can get on to try different career options, you may be able to do a work trial. Large local organisations have many work environment's, many of which you may not of considered. Good examples for finding work experience in more areas than you may realise include your local council, that will have a work experience program or your local hospital that will have a volunteering department and will also offer work experience as well. There are also lots of support organisations helping individuals find work experience as well as paid placements, many of these can be found on this website.      

The only real way to know if a career may be suitable is to try it ideally in different settings. This means developing contacts, doing work experience and volunteering in different settings. Sometimes a college course can feel very different from the day to day job, making having a placement very important. Placements also develop your confidence and transferable skills like communication, problem solving, empathy and much more. Talking with people that do that career and learning about their career path. You need to network and develop contact that could help you find work and also give you a reference to back up you have the needed skills.

While this page should give a very basic quick insight into a small number of career areas in order to fully understand career areas you should visit and explore other general careers websites and work experience options using these links:

Plotr a General Mainstream Careers Information Site, intended for young people not disability-focused.  It is Government supported.

I Cloudprovides you with lots of different career stories and information for you to explore what career may interest you

BBC Bitesize Careershelps you explore career options based on your favourite subjects

Barclays life skills insightful virtual work experiencewith tasks to complete



First on this page we look at the Retail industry, this involves working in any shops be that department stores, small convivence shops, supermarkets', clothes shops, electrical shops and much more. It is a service industry being generally people focused. Video from My Skills Future Industry-Retail  


 Art is often a popular subject at school but what careers are there in the creative industries?...


In this video we look at the role of a photographer and creative assistant another art related career. 


 Now lets look briefly at the careers you could have in a hospital. It is not just the doctors, nurses and health care assistances there are lots of jobs to explore.

NHS video exploring NHS careers for students

There are many other jobs in care, this does include hospital work like a nurse or health care assistant but as this video shows lots of care jobs are in the community such as visiting people's homes or working in a residential home.

 Another area of work is childcare and this focuses on the childs care, wellbeing, welfare and education. This video is from City and Guilds 

You may find Animal care careers may interest you such as working for the RSPCA, or for a vets or in a pet shop or in a zoo or in a Kennels or Stables . There are lots of different animal settings. 

RSPCA video

Alternativly you may like to consider Office based work such as administration, paperwork. 

Another large and vital industry is the hospitality industry this focuses on areas like catering and therefore food and drink, it can involve working in restaurants' and customer service in areas like hotels or working in events. It is a very people focused service industry.