Closer Look at Job Roles and needed skills and qualities

What skills and qualities do these job roles need?  Watch the videos and identify the skills and qualities needed.

Do you have these skills?  What skills need further work?  Where are your strengths? 

A Skill is a ability you have learnt to do well over time. Examples of skills include computing, driving, cooking, maths

A Quality is something you are born with, part of your personality. Examples  of a qualities are determination and empathy.

If you had to apply for one of these roles, which one would you select and why? Write a cover letter imagining you were applying for one of these jobs. Also check out Prospects Career Planner to explore your skills and qualities

Catering Assistant 

EHow Receptionist 

Care Assistant for Blackpool NHS

RSPCA Animal Assistant

Childcare Worker

 Warehouse Work at Amazon Video from CNN

Plumber Job Role

 Construction Worker

 Housekeeping Supervisor in a hotel video from Young Hotelier 

Beauty Assistant job role 

Retail Shop Assistant at Lidl