Clothing and footwear

Adapted clothing such as easy to put on or possible wheelchair adapted clothing is sometimes useful for many conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, Stroke, Spina Bifida and Arthritis.The positioning of buttons if you do have some lower body feeling is important for comfort as it the location of pockets so they can be useful. The materials used in clothing is very important.

One common issue is the clothing that is adapted is not always trendy/fashionable but times are slowly starting to change. These items are also more durable, practical and comfortable. Sometimes due to disability you need to consider practical functional aspects of clothing and footwear possible more than you would like but there are a range of options.

You can buy adapted clothing, you can buy made to measure clothing that accommodates your disability situation and you can get equipment to help you with clothing like to help you do up buttons or put on shoes. Here are some options to consider: There is an urgent need for more high street options to be suitable for all and fashionable.


Adaptawear sells a range of ladies and men's discreetly adapted clothing to
help with both independent and assisted dressing with the aim to make
getting dressed easier and less painful for both the wearer and carer.
Day wear, nightwear, underwear and accessories.     
Telephone:  0800 051 1931


The Independent Living Foundation has clothing buyers guides www.independentlivingfoundation  

ASK SARA is an independent living resource that asks you questions about your daily life and areas of difficulty to find you workable solutions. It covers aspects of your health, aspects of your home, daily activities such as eating and drinking, personal care, clothes, shopping, cooking, household chores, communicating and leisure. There are also solutions for children. You answer easy questions for tailored advice see

Clothing Solutions a UK charity that makes clothes to accommodate a person's disability   www.clothingsolutions


Living made easy is a website with a huge section on clothing , equipment to help put on clothing and adapted clothing The Independent Living Website has clothing buyers guides  

 Scope the disability charity give practical advice on getting dressed and clothing when you have a condition like Cerebral Palsy

Able Thrive is an american site but it has a whole section on personal care and issues like dressing independently for example if you have a spinal cord issue and you are in a wheelchair. There are lots of personal experiences and videos showing how people manage tasks for daily living like dressing 

There are a range of businesses for these products such as:

Rollitex make adapted wheelchair friendly quality jeans and other clothing http

Wheeliechix-chic adapted wheelchair clothing

Disabled clothing adapted clothing for adults and children

Companies include:

DM Orthotics  they other body suites and lower and upper limb clothing like socks, shorts and tops in special made to measure fabric.  

How adaptive clothing empowers people with disabilities TED TALK 

Why adaptive clothing must be fashionable/trendy and the same as high street. With a collection of adaptive clothing for the mainstream high street  and the simple adaptions needed across the board, it is not difficult! 


BBC Look at accessible clothing and how despite interest the fashion industry is slow to take action on the high street. A look at what happened after designing a jump suite for ASOS.   How fashion should be more suitable for all in a wheelchair or not.  They are designing some fashionable options, hey want to see on the high street for all and hope for change.