Cooking videos easy

Here is a small number of cooking videos to get you cooking and using accessible recipes from useful sources. Also check out the many other cooking resources on this site.

How to make a cup of tea Preston College by Frank McHale

How to boil an egg by Jamie Oliver

Gordon Ramsey How to make Scrambled Eggs


Recipes are simple show how to make a Tuna sandwich 

 Easy Fish pie Cookability from United Response Accessible Recipes for people with learning disabilities (even if you do not have learning disabilities these can help get you cooking if you lack confidence. This is an example from a range of great videos.

 Cookability video Easy Mac and Cheese


Cookability Accessible recipes Healthy Pizza


 Mencap have produced a range of Cook and Eat cook books for people with learning disabilities you can look at one of these books on this site under cooking but here you can learn about the books

Harow Mencap Skill Up Survival Cooking Indian Curry 


Cook ability Pancakes

Cook ability Easy Chicken Korma 

This video on Youtube from Able Thrive shows Chris Colwell making breakfast and finding strategies to managing Quadriplegia