Technology for Education learning and working

Here you will find resources for how to access technology with ease and make the technology accessible. We have also reviewed some useful educational apps. 

Zoom. At this difficult time of remote working and social distancing education providers and community groups and using technology to connect remotely. A popular  system being used is Zoom. Here are some easy readinstructions for use.

Here is a Video tutorial on how to set up and use Zoom.

My Computer My Way Ease of Access Centre to help you make Window’s accessible for your disability needs

Call Scotland Guide to easy use of the I pad

Call Scotland Guide to the iPad for supporting Dyslexia

Call Scotland Guide to the iPad for physical disabilities

Call Scotland Guide to the iPad for visual disabilities

Call Scotland Guide to My Study Bar a free to download range of resources for supporting literacy difficulties  that is very useful

Call Scotland I Pad apps recommended for overcoming Dyslexia

Call Scotland I Pad apps recommended fo providing communication support AAC

Call Scotland I Pad apps for individuals with numeracy difficulties

Chrome book accessibility from Google

Microsoft Office Accessibility for overcoming disability through settings

Ability Net Charity looking at all the accessibility and ease of use features for overcoming all different disabilities and advising appropriately.

Disability Grants for Technology equipment

A video about the C Reader exam reading pen


Learning Journals like Seesaw for promoting digital skills and self directed learning using tools that work best for you.

Office Lens turns your phone or tablet into a scanner and turn the image into an editable word document, you can annotate the document or turn it into a searchable pdf  

Mod maths 

Help order and organise your math so it is all lined up using clear colums and rows. Very helpful if you have Dysgraphia, or Dyslexia or Dyspraxia 

Nebo My Script

Handwriting turned to typing

Inspiration Maps 

Mind mapping  planning ideas app

Photo Maths will show you how to solve a maths sum and solve it for you to help you learn and understand the steps to solving the maths problem.

Paper Port Notes

Very good note taking app

Snap Type 

Use this Occupational Therapy app to take photos of worksheets you can then type on to complete so you do not have to worry about your handwriting in class., you can then email or print it out.