General Sport

While competitive sport is part of disability sport such as with the Paralympics and the Special Olympics. An even bigger part of disability sport are the local clubs and provision for everyone to get involved and get active and healthy. It is about turning up and giving it ago, with so many options there is likely to be something for everyone and every ability. The website Parasportlets you search by postcode to find local disability sport club options.  There are major disability sports charities work with different types of disability like Wheel power, Blind Sport and CP Sport. There is an Inclusive gyms initiative in the UK making gyms accessible and places for everyone. In Bucks for example this includes Risborough Springs Swim and Fitness Centre. Disability sport also gets significant funding to get everyone involved such as from Sport England.

 Here you will find information on all levels of sport intended to get you involved and exploring options that work for you. There are a few insightful short videos and a list of useful disability sport websites and charities so you can get involved.

CNN Blind person up Mount Everest video interview clips 

Erik Weihenmayer is a blind adventure who has conquered many disability sport challenges one being climbing Mount Everest despite being blind.  This is a form interview of his experience 

 Paralympics clip Rio 2016 A quick look at the Athletics highlights 

Special Olympics 2019 Abu Dhabi a global games for those who have learning disabilities

Useful Disability Sport websites

Parasport local opportunities for disability sport and being active covering the whole of the UK over 3000 entries of local clubs via a postcode search

Inclusive Gyms

Sports England Disability Sport

Actively Alliance Disability inclusive sport and sports events throughout the UK 

Podium provide disability sports equipment to individuals or organisations like schools

DiveHeart UK charity offering SUBA diving to people with disabilities and their carers if needed

Disability race runningfor those with balance issues

Disability Swimmingbecoming a Para Swimmer

Swimming Pool finder Accessible pools

Swim England find disabilities swimming hub clubs

Sitting volleyball

British CyclingDisability and Parasport

Disability Gymnastics

Areobility is a charity and flying school in Camberley teaching people with different impairments/disabilities to fly planes Stelios Philanthropic Foundation in partnership with Aerobility and Air League now offer a disabled pilots scholarship  an excellent opportunity to get a full private pilots license.  

Wheelchair tennis

Sportability is a sports charity offering adventure sport and pursuits like canoes, gliders, microlights and sail boats for those with paralysis such as due to spinal cord injury, Stroke, MS,

DS Active Leisure, sport, fitness organised activities for people with Downs Syndrome you can search for activities near you. Sport sessions include tennis, football, snooker, athletes, sailing, Rugby, cricket

Mencap Sport for learning disabilities

Sailability is the RYA National program to get more people with disabilities to try sailing  and if they want to participate regularly

Cerebral Palsy Sport adapt and recreate sport so that everyone can participate such as with Race Running that need aids to move around  but want to get involved in running. They also do football and other sports in a similar way as well as other sports like swimming 

UK Deaf Sport

Wheel power Wheelchair sports charity

British Disability Darts

Special Olympics for those with learning difficulties

Disability Snow Sports

Disability Snow Sports UK offer adapted ski sports so everyone can get involved. They offer ski holidays.

Get Inspired and motivated into sport by the Get Inspired website from the BBC

Para Dance find disability dancing near you also Para Dance is   sport and there are courses you can do 

Disability Football Directory

Disability Karate 

British Disabled Angling get into fishing

PHAB a large network of clubs throughout the UK encouraging those with and without disabilities to come together for sport and leisure

Blind CricketEngland and Wales

British Federation of Disability Cricket

England Golf Disability inclusive for all

British Rowing adapted rowing for disability

The Back Up Trustsupports those with spinal cord injury they also run a range of different residential courses these include multi activity sports break courses, also Sweden adventure snow sport sit karting courses and also courses to help with independence for 18-25 year olds as well as other options for other ages and needs

Dwarf Sports Association for those with a short stature

Limb Power to get amputees into sport

 British Blind Sport is a disability Blind Sport organisation supporting, encouraging and promoting blind and partially sighted sport and recreation They also provide a useful guide to visually impaired friendly sport see This You Tube video shows the inclusive sport of goalball that is played at all levels 

 Transplant Sport Sport and competitions for transplant recipients

 Boccia Sport is for those with complex disabilities and complex needs so all get involved in sport and it is played at Olympic as well as local level see Or See it in action by Boccia UK