Grant Funding from charities for disability equipment

Before exploring charity funding to buy disability equipment to help your independence talk to your local  authority/council to see if they will fund what you need and explore other options explained on this site like Disability Facility Grants If you have done this explore these options. Also if looking at wheelchairs explore your NHS wheelchair services options. 

Independence at home will provide up to £500 for items like mobility equipment,wheelchairs, scooters, trikes. hey will also fund specialist disability equipment like a hoist or an adapted chair or bed. They can fund additions to your home due to disability, provide communication equipment, kitchen equipment and more 

 Headly Trust Provide funding to get disability equipment under health and wellbeing they provide funding for practical aids to help mobility and independence for people with disabilities

League of Helping Hand Provide funding grants for those who face financial problems/hardship due to disability. They will fund specialty disability equipment and household items up to £250

Mobility Trust provides equipment such as wheelchairs and mobility scooters following an assessment by an independent Occupational Therapist that they send to do an assessment

The Elifar Foundation provide grants for specialised equipment and respite for children and adults with with any  physical or learning disability. This could be  Wheelchairs,trikes, beds, specialised chairs , communication aids, sensory equipment and more

The MS Health and Wellbeing grant can be used for equipment like computers to household adaptions for those with MS

The Hospital Saturday Fund provided grants for equipment like for wheelchairs, scooters, medical appliances like hearing aids or vision aids, therapeutic equipment like hoists and treatments like hydrotherapy or physiotherapy , home adaptions like ramps or stair lifts and more if you have a financial need and a disability

Joseph Patrick Trust Grant for those with Muscular Dystrophy or a related condition to may for disability equipment like powered wheelchairs, electronic beds to adapted computers and more

Variety Work with disadvantaged young people up to 19 including those who are ill or have a disability and they donate equipment like wheelchairs, electronic beds, sensory equipment, frames and more

Florence Nightingale Aid in Trust provide grants for medical aids like Tens machines, nebulisers, specialist wheelchairs, specialist chairs, computers, communication aids, mobile hoists and much more if you have financial need are are ill or disabled. They help both adults and children

Nihal Armstrong Trust help young people up to 18 with Cerebral Palsy providing equipment to help disability

Family Action provides grants to those who have financial need and are disadvantaged one priority group is disability and illness for funding adapted disability equipment and aids. Another grant priority area is mental health

Lifeline for Kids provides essential disability equipment grants to children and young people up to 18, with no request to big or to small

Newlife charity provides essential disability equipment grants from wheelchairs to beds for children and young people up to age 18

Whizz Kids provides grants for wheelchairs both manual and other mobility equipment like trikes to children and young people before their 18th Birthday

Strongbones Trust provides grants for disability equipment, medical equipment, computers, short breaks you are a child or young person with a condition of the bone amounts are typically £250

Children Today Helps children and young people with grants for important disability equipment one example they give is a powered wheelchair for getting round university easier

DTD charity help people with disabilities of all ages that need disability equipment like scooters, wheelchairs, specialist equipment like beds, AAC communication, computers and more if you have a significant disability

Freedom Power Chairs charity provides Mobility equipment anything from walking ticks to power chairs they also fix Mobility equipment, provide bespoke equipment and maintain equipment for those with needs

Brittle Bones Association grant funding will fund essential disability equipment like manual and power wheelchairs and more for those with the condition

Better Mobility offer the option for searching different Mobility equipment grant funding opportunities

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