Health and Safety at Work

Health and Safety and work is very important and employers must, by law, ensure employees (workers) are kept safe with their health and welfare put first.

This means, potential hazards must be identified and potential risks assessed for by a Risk Assessment taking place.

Employees must be kept safe with suitable equipment, training ad procedures. There must be a Health & Safety nominated person at work.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), that is a UK law, employers must provide a safe workplace, with safe procedures and practices.  They must provide suitable well-maintained equipment, training, Personal Protective Equipment, like protective clothing if needed and suitable facilities for welfare at work, such as an appropriate work environment.

Workplaces must identify and inform workers of potential hazards (anything that could threaten someone’s health, safety or wellbeing at work, such as broken items or equipment) as part of a Risk Assessment.

Employers must carry out thorough assessments of the risks (how likely something can case harm).  Also, workplaces must consider efforts to limit the risk, such as providing training and equipment to help protect employees.

Workplaces must follow and have Health & Safety regulations.  All employees also have a responsibility for their and other employees, customers and contractors health and safety. 

Here are some resources, including Easy Read you should find useful for understanding health and safety issues in the workplace.  People’s workplaces are very different, for example, a building site, an office, a warehouse.  The issues faced will vary depending on the work done and the the environment.

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