Health Information Easy Read and Specific

Here you will find useful trusted health sites and resources.  Do not just look up symptoms online, get medical help.  Only use trusted sites like on here.  Use NHS sites or talk to your GP.  There is a lot of inaccurate information online.

NHS 111.  Service for quick medical help, when it is not an urgent or an emergency and you can’t go to your GP, just call 111.  This NHS YouTube video explains what to expect and how they help you get medical help.  This service is 7 days a week 24 hours a day.  It is always open.

Easy Read Health Video showing what to expect at a doctor’s appointment

When you go to the doctors, consider when possible to see a doctor that knows you (continuity).  If you have more than one issue or have learning disabilities, consider booking a double appointment to give you more time.  Bring notes to explain your issues and so you do not forget important information.  Consider if you would like to go with someone, so you can check what is said.  Ask the doctor to explain if you do not understand.  You can ask them to write down details.  Ask for Easy Read information, if this may help you understand. Consider using a health passport to explain your needs, if you have learning disabilities. 

Easy Health.  Easy Read health information covering many health conditions and treatments.  Information intended to be easy to understand.

A Picture of Health.  Easy Read NHS Health website.  Information intended to be easy to understand.

Different health conditions and Covid 19 also includes lots of easy read resources for those with learning disabilities

The important role of the Pharmacy 

Here, you can get medical trusted advice on minor illnesses like colds, flu and upset stomachs.  They generally have a consultation room where you can discuss issues without being heard.  They can help decide if you need to see a doctor and can, if needed, help you get an appointment with a doctor.  They can help you get the most suitable medicine for your minor illness.  They are often open long hours and 7 days a week and an appointment is not needed.  They can help with healthy choices, like healthy eating and stopping smoking.  You can, if you have a disability or chronic long term illness, get a flu jab.

Pharmacists are highly trained medical professionals.  You get your prescriptions and medicine here and can also get emergency medicine, if needed.  

Easy Read NHS.  How a Pharmacy Can Help.

Down's Syndrome - Going to the Chemist (Pharmacy) Easy Read

NHS Choice and Medication Leaflets from Cheshire and The Wirral NHS offers leaflets about all different medications in different formats,  includingfor different audiences, such as, earlier reading for young people and very easy reading aimed at learning disabilities.  The leaflets are useful, such as for individuals, GPs, Consultants, Families and Support Workers.  They are also printable.

NHS Adaptable Easy Read Medication Leafletfrom Cheshire and The Wirral NHS.  Useful for medical professionals to use with patients with learning disabilities or Support Workers.

NHS Questions to Ask WhenGoing to the Doctor or Hospital.  An Easy Read document intended to be easy to understand.  This gives you a simple outline of questions to ask the doctor and what to expect.

If you have a learning disability, the NHS recommends you make sure you have a yearly Health Check at your doctors.

Mencap Explain the Learning Disabilities Registrar.  You should consider joining for free, if you have a learning disability, as you will get extra support when visiting the doctor, such as Easy Read material and a free annual health check to help you look after yourself and your health.  Mencap have also made lots of guides explaining the support as part of Don't Miss Out.

NHS Self-Help Leaflets has Easy Read and general health self-help leaflets on a range of topics, such as mental health topics.  Also includes BSL videos of these leaflets.

NHS Lanarkshire  Adult Learning Disability Service, but relevant to the whole country.  http://www.  This website covers Easy Read information and Videos on Women's Health, Men's Health, Sexual Health and hospital tests, surgery, Easy Read letter templates for those with a learning disability.  

Easy Read Going to Accident and Emergency NCLH NHS.

Health Passportsare useful for people with a learning disability to communicate their health information, like when visiting the doctor or going into hospital.

Royal College of Anaesthetics.  Easy Read Materials on Having an Anaesthetic. So, an operation or procedure can be carried out and you do not feel pain, is explained in this booklet that goes through the different types of anaesthetic and what to expect.

My Life Raft is an online website for storing and sharing health and wellbeing information that can, with your consent, be shared with others, like Carers helping you manage your health effectively.  There are both free and paid for accounts.

NHS Choices. The NHS site where you can look up conditions, treatments, medication.  It covers all aspects of health, including mental health.  The site is quite user-friendly, using generally plain English.  If you have learning disabilities, also check out sites, like Easy Health and Picture of Health from this list.  You can also look up NHS services on this site, so you can find out your local GP service, dentist, pharmacy, and nearest A and E if it is an emergency.  So, it is a very useful site of trusted information but when looking up conditions, also talk with your GP.

NHS Prescription Payment Certificate.  If you have to pay for your prescriptions but have regular prescriptions making them expensive, you can pay for the certificate, so it is essential for a discount making them less expensive.  For a year, for example, it costs £104, so if you get more than 11 prescriptions a year, it is cheaper to pay for a certificate.  They also have shorter periods.  You can get a certificate for it if you are having treatment that is not likely to last all year.  Also, if you get certain benefits, like Working Tax Credits or Universal Credit, you do not have to pay for your prescriptions but, if you only get PIP, for example, you do still need to pay and so this certificate may be helpful to you and save you money and worry.

RCPCH Children and young people’s health diary for writing down thoughts between appointments

Easy Read Macmillan Cancer Information site.

Easy Read Marie Curie has Easy Read Guides(for those with a learning disability) on topics, like life with a terminal illness (you are likely to die from) and also on topics like bereavement.

NHS Western Cheshire General Contraception Advice.

NHS Surrey Health.  Looking After your Teeth and Gums Easy Read.

NHS Wales Easy Read Going to the Dentist.

Going to an NHS Dentist.  A video to help you know what to expect from NHS Suffolk.

Going to the Opticians to Check your Eyesight.  A video from Mencap on what to expect. 

Patient: There is so much medical information on the web that it is easy to Google conditions and symptoms, but it is vital the information you read is accurate and you do not misinterpret information, only to misinform and scare yourself.  The website is well informed and used in the NHS to explain conditions, but you should always see a doctor about symptoms and not try to find a diagnosis yourself.

Health Talk.  A site giving adult, and also with a large section on young people’s experiences of various health and disability conditions, and resources to help so you get specific information and insight into how others manage their condition. This link is to young people's experiences. 

BBC Health is another well-informed health site with interesting information.

Macaron Signs for Healthcare.

University College London.  Going to Hospital.  Easy Read.

University College, London NHS.  Easy Read Checking Your Pulse and Blood Pressure.

NHS video explaining each step of a blood test, so people know what to expect

NHS Flu Jab video focused on explaining the importance of, and what to expect from going to have a flu jab if you have health conditions and a learning disability 

University College, London NHS.  Going to Accident and Emergency.  What to expect.

What to Expect if You Need to Call 999.  A video from the London Ambulance Service.  You  call 999 for a variety of life threatening situations, otherwise use other services like 111.  

Shout Crisis Text Line: a free confidential text service run by trained volunteers to help people in crisis calm down and work with the volunteer to find solutions and problem solve.  This new service is available throughout the UK, always open 24/7.  The crisis can be related to any strong emotions you need help with.

Sign Health.  A deaf health charity using BSL to explore health topics and conditions.

Bucks Health Help Now.  Help people find the most suitable help and support based on their health symptoms and is both Buckinghamshire-based and easy to use.

Get your Rights is an NHS site for young people to help them understand their rights and choices with their healthcare, putting them in charge and helping them at points of change through the move from child to adult services.

Doc Ready website helping you prepare for your first time you visit the doctor about your mental health.

Social Prescribing is increasingly offered, such as by GP Practices and Primary Care professionals to people who, for example, have complex health conditions, disability, mental health conditions, complex social situations impacting health, or who are lonely or isolated to help build coping skills and resilience.  A link worker spends time exploring what is important to a person and different ways to help, such as connecting a person to community groups, charities, social opportunities and clubs, agencies and support for social problems when they impact health, such as offering advice for debt and housing, as well as signposting and introducing other opportunities, like volunteering, sport, art activities, cooking, gardening, befriending, healthy eating, learning, making a personalised action plan to help put people in control of their wellbeing.  This reduces the time and pressure on GP's for dealing with social problems and reduces a person’s vulnerability.  You can read about social prescribing here in this blog article from the Disability Charity, Scope.

First Aid Advice from the NHS.

First Aid Advice from St John's Ambulance.  Lots of information and some videos.  They also give details of first aid courses. This link is to their free First Aid guide that also has illustrations of what to do. 

Health & Wellbeing, Bucks.  Local NHS services, like Live Well Stay Well, covering healthy eating, diabetes support,  getting active, drinking and drugs, mental health, sexual health, health checks, goal setting, and more. 

Seeability.  Preparing for an Eye Test.

The Royal College of Nursing have produced an Easy Read Guide to Managing Pain.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.  An Easy Read Guide for women having a smear test to check for Cervical Cancer.

NHS Blood and Transplant teaching resources covering lessons and videos on organ transplants and the important issues with real life stories

Choose Well.  Dee's Accident & Emergency Epic Fail Tale.  NHS animation about selecting the best place to go for your current health issues.

What to expect from an X Ray appointment 

What it is like to have an MRI Scan.  Going to Hospital for an MRI Scan, Oxford AHSN

Epilepsy Action have produced different Easy Read leaflets and audio leaflets to help you understand Epilepsy.

The NHS produces this information leaflet for teenagers and young adults with Cancer up to age 24, and this link provides information on the services and options.

CILC Sargent is a Cancer Charity supporting children and young people with Cancer.

Teenage Cancer Trustprovides information and support, including different Cancer services as well as nursing support to young people aged 13-24 who are diagnosed with Cancer.

The Stoke Association UK have launched a Stroke Recovery tool called My Stroke Guideto help those recovering from a stroke to be and feel more in control for managing their condition themselves.  It helps with understanding a stroke, taking control of recovery, helping return to tasks, like driving and monitoring progress.  It is made up of over 200 videos to help with life post a stroke, lots of trusted information and an online support community.