Healthy Coping Strategies to Help You Manage Your Emotions

Everyone feels strong emotions at times, be that you feel lonely, down, you have continuous negative thoughts or you feel angry.  It can be helpful to have strategies for these intense feelings so you cope in a more healthy way and stay well.

If you are feeling angry, a few ideas you could try are:

Writing down what made you angry and scribbling it out until it disappears and you rip the paper.

Tearing up a magazine or some cardboard

Play music lots and dance like you no-one is watching, or sing aloud.

Smash ice cubes to the ground or squeeze the ice hard. 

Punch a cushion.

Have a cold bath or shower.

Do some splatter painting.

Bang some pots and pans.

Write a letter to whoever has upset you, but do NOT send it!!

Smash a watermelon. 

Jump in some puddles. 

Run somewhere steep.

Use a stress toy, like a stress ball.

Kick a ball against the wall.

Go to the gym or play a sport, or go for a swim. 

Go somewhere quiet and SCREAM. 

Eat some lemon.

Talk to a friend or a helpline or talk on an online forum. 

Pop some balloons or bubble wrap. 

Try and use humour to calm the situation. 

Count to 10.

Get creative to release tension with paint or music.

Give yourself a time out so you remove yourself from the situation.

Sign up for an Anger Management Course, many of which are CBT based.

If you feel depressed, sad or alone you could:

Use an online forum or helpline.

Go for a walk, maybe with a dog, or sit in the garden watching the birds etc. 

Listen to the radio, a playlist or TV. 

Look at photos of friends or family.

Listen to a podcast, Ted Talk, or Ted Ed.  Listen to something funny on YouTube. 

Write a letter to yourself, or read one you wrote when you felt happier.

Read a book. 

Phone a friend.

Massage your hands.

Paint your nails.

Have a bath or shower.

Try Meditation or Yoga.


Use your creativity, such as make something out of clay, make a collage, or finger paint.
Stroke a pet or hug yourself.
Find a blanket or put layers of jumpers on for comfort.
Drink a hot chocolate or eat some comfort food. 
Spend time on skincare or moisturise.
Use an emergency box of comforting items.

Ideas, if you need distracting, such as from negative thoughts, or for displacement:

Start a blog or a website to help yourself and others.
Watch a foreign film and make up the dialogue.
Write a letter to your younger self.  What advice would you give?
Write a letter to yourself when you turn 100 years of age.  What do you hope you have done and what do you hope you have remembered?
Watch some adverts and use one as a writing prompt.
Go to a public place or on a bus ride.  Watch your surroundings, for example, imagine who the person sitting next to you on the bus is?  What do they do for a living?  What were they doing last Saturday?  Where and why are they going now?
Imagine you are at your favourite place, or somewhere you want to visit.
Do some cooking or baking.
Try Blipfoto.  Develop photography skills.  Keep a record of your life.  Create a journal, upload one photo a day.
Get organised.
Watch some comedy on YouTube or online, like classic comedy sketches., or BBC Sounds Comedy[GOO]-[60715822786]-[355261960235]-S-[bbc%20comedy]& 
Write a list of the things you are grateful for.
Snap an elastic band on your wrist.
Visit some charity shops.
Write a bucket list.
Use a red marker and draw on yourself.
Use warm water and food dye and put on your skin.
Untangle some jewellery or some string (unless this may make your condition worse).
Rearrange your bedroom.
Visit a local attraction and be a tourist.
Watch some YouTube videos and learn a skill or learn about a topic, for example, origami or balloon animals or juggling or cooking.
Use some clay to make something.
Do a jigsaw or paint by numbers, or something creative.
Look for pictures in the clouds.
Do some gardening.
Do some housework to music.
Make a memory book/scrap book.
Write an alternative ending to a story, or use some creative write online prompts.
Write a song.
Write a diary.
Create a blog or website.
Make and fly a kite.
Learn basic first aid.
Play computer games.
Do some puzzle books, word searches or crosswords, or build something using Lego or a pack of cards, or do some adult colouring.
Look for your perfect house online or use the local paper.
Help other people/do some volunteering.
Pick an object, like a rock, a shell, or an item from a room.  Study it closely and consider writing about what you learn about it.
Read and try out the wellbeing tips.
Use some wellbeing apps from this site.
Check out relaxation and deep breathing.
If you do not understand how you are feeling, write down the thoughts and questions in your head. 
Write a letter or poem about it to yourself.