Healthy Drinking

You should not just be aware and mindful of healthy eating but, just as importantly, you need to be aware of what you drink.  Drinking lots of water is important for health and keeping hydrated.  If you find drinking lots of water throughout the day difficult, you need to consider creative strategies such as:

Put some fruit with your plain water, such as lemon, strawberries or melon to add a fruity taste.
Alternate your drinks, so to drink a glass of fruit juice, then you add water followed by a glass of water and so on through the day.
Challenge yourself to drink a certain amount of water each day, possibly working with someone to keep you focused and motivated.
Eat fruit or veg that is high in water content, like lettuce,cucumber or grapes.   
Drink carbonated water (fizzy). 
Use an app to motivate you to drink more water.
If you live in a hard water area and it gives water an after taste, invest in a water filter jug.
Consider some other drinks that are not that unhealthy, especially in moderation, like tea (ideally herbal tea, or a small cup of coffee). 

Be aware and sensible about the amount of sugar in sugary drinks, like Coca Cola.  Be very aware of the risks from energy drinks, as explained by Body Transformation. 

CBC explains the health risks from energy drinks, especially for young people but they are very high in sugar and caffeine.  They explain the health risks. These drinks also affect areas, like your ability to focus and remember information, making learning very difficult. 

Ted Ed Explains what happens when we do not drink water, explaining how important drinking what is for our survival.

The health risk shows the need for a sugar tax and the importance of the Change for Life Campaign.

It is not just energy drinks and fizzy drinks, you must watch the amount of alcohol you drink and not drink more than 14 units in a week, and do not drink all this on just a night or two as Alcohol Focus, Scotland explains.

Alcohol & Units from Alcohol Focus Scotland on Vimeo.

Drink Aware make you aware of the health risks.