Housing Options

There are many possible options for independence for those with disabilities to live independent lives and develop life skills. This includes not just residential care homes but options for Supported living where people have their own tenancy and live in their own residence with others that have disabilities. With this  they get the level of support and care they need with daily living for example support workers helping with daily tasks like cooking, washing and bills. For some the help will be a regular visitor a couple of times a week such as to help with bills for others it is daily help or even 24 hours a day help as needed for individual needs.

Others live with a family in a family home with the families support as part of the Shared Lives scheme. Some people live in social housing others in private housing. Some people with disabilities live fully independent lives but may benefit from Disability Facilities grants from the council to pay for modifications or adaptions due to their disability like rails, wet rooms or stair lifts.

Others can benefit from help to buy schemes to get their own private housing and thus  to live independently in their own homes. These involve the benefit of  shared ownership schemes of part buy and part rent from HOLDmaking home owning a possible option.  Here are some local and national links you may find useful.

Website links 

Inclusive films provide a documentary of people with learning disabilities explaining their housing options https://inclusivefilms.org/our-films/a-real-home-a-real-life

Living independently Bucks explores the Bucks housing options around supported living County Council see https://www.bucksfamilyinfo.org/kb5/buckinghamshire/fsd/advice.page?id=_kFlynHTn6E

Supported Living options explained by contact a family Bucks County Council see https://www.bucksfamilyinfo.org/kb5/buckinghamshire/fsd/advice.page?id=_kFlynHTn6E

Aster Lodge is a local Aylesbury based supported living option for young adults with SEND Aged 18-25. They have their own rooms, learn life and independent living skills but with support workers helping them manage daily living tasks at a level for their needs. It caters for different need levels. https://www.bucksfamilyinfo.org/kb5/buckinghamshire/fsd/advice.page?id=Y7xstJvD2Vo https://youtu.be/B0bFi5YZMHc

Bucks County Council Social care options and the transition from child to adult services and applying for direct payments/personal budgets to manage care see https://www.bucksfamilyinfo.org/kb5/buckinghamshire/fsd/advice.page?id=AfIaogMxI3Y

Shared Lives scheme Bucks offering housing with a family for someone with a learning disability see https://ategi.org.uk/contact-ategi.html?branch=buckinghamshire

HOLD is a government shared ownership scheme to get people owning their own homes and paying also a small amount of rent for part of their home  if they have a long term disability. It is therefore part rent and part buy  https://www.ownyourhome.gov.uk/scheme/hold


Mencap explain different Supported Living accommodation options for adults with learning disabilities and the importance of being in control and having choices and making their own decisions and be more independent but still have the correct level of support  



Kirklees Council follows the stories in this video of four individuals as they move from residential care to independent living. 

Independent living video clip from I CAN showing how people with learning disabilities can and do live independently (with various levels of support).   

Attitude Live short video of people with disabilities living various independent lives 

 This video looks a the Shared Lives scheme  across the UK where a adult with for example learning disabilities goes to live with a family in their home 

NHS Supported Living video about Elanor who has autism and epilepsy and lives in Supported Living Accommodation.