Activities for Creative LIFE LEARNING & ENGLISH using Music, Film and Adverts and the Web..

 Learning Tasks 

Develop your creativity and English skills and general life learning with these tasks.  The activities here are at a range of levels but most offer a basic introduction to creative English. Some of the activities use adverts, film, others use videos about insightful projects and opportunities that you may like to get involved in or may give you other ideas. A few of the activities are also intended to help you use and understand this website while others are for general English creative thinking and writing. Learning digital skills is important and many of these tasks help with this such as Learn to navigate websites and apps. Also you may like to visit the virtual reality section and do a visiting review on an experience.

Do a poster or piece of writing about your own dreams for the future.  What would people say about you?Jubilee Disability Sailing Trust

The trust offers worldwide sailing voyages for those with and without a disability to work together and overcome personal challenges. What personal challenge would you like to achieve and why? Would you like to join a voyage? Write a letter or do a poster or PowerPoint to explain who you are and why you may like to get involved.

Aerobility learning to fly with a disability Write a letter asking to get involved in the flying activities or do a poster promoting the charity. 

Imagine you have a friend with a disability who would like to learn to Ski but thinks she would find it to difficult. Do a poster or write a email\letter explaining about Disability Snow Sports and how everyone can get involved.  Disability Snow Sports UKAlso do a PowerPoint explaining why everyone can get involved in Sport. The sports section of this website may help you consider sports like Race Running, Sailing, Cycling and skiing.  

Dekko Comics read some of these comic strips and then see if you can create your own using an English, Maths or life topic.  Using inspiration from this comic Show an understanding of punctuation and use different punctuation marks to tell a story by turning punctuation into characters and explain their use by through doing a story board or comic book strip.

Do a video or audio picture presentation explaining Parts of Speech including verbs, nouns and adjectives or again do a comic strip.

Comic Book Websites.  Pickle bums for printable comic book layouts you can use for your drawings and storyline.

Online free comic book options to create your own comic book strips


Make Believe Comics.

Storyboard That, a website for creating comic book stories.

Use First Newsto write your own positive news reports to lift people’s spirits.

Use the International Children’s Library. Select a picture book in a different language and use the pictures to write your own original story.  You could also read the first part of an English story you have not read before and then write the rest of the story using your imagination. Then read the online story.  How different are your ideas?

 Smash Mash Potato Advert

Do you like the advert?  What do you think of it?

Imagine they had selected another item of your choice to take back to the space ship and explain to the others, write what you think they may say about the item. It can be anything, for example, a different food, a piece of technology or some clothing or you could change the advert more by choosing a natural earth item like a flower.  Always use powerful adjectives (describing words).

Unbelievable Places of the World that really Exist

Use these photos of places, either as a writing prompt for a story or use adjectives to describe them.  Then go to Pobble 365. the sentence starters and activities for the daily free creative writing prompt.  Also, do a picture time, draw what may happen next.  Correct the sentence mistakes and use adjectives to improve sentences. 

Guinness Clouds Advert.

What is this about?  What can people learn from the Cloud?

Go outside and watch the clouds and trees and create a story.  These clips may help you bring your story to life as you may consider giving the clouds, trees and flowers human features (personification).  What story about the past may the tree tell?  What secrets does the tree know?  Use your imagination.  You could also create a word cloud, see, using words to describe items creating Word Art.  Clouds are just one template.

Also think about household items.  You could take photos and use the ChatterPix app.

Flowers that can Dance

Can you make a video like this?

A Year in 40 Seconds video

Describe the different season's and how they make you feel using adjectives. What is your favourite season and why? Document the seasons in your own way, take photos or videos of the current season and weather.

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.


Sainsbury's Mog Cat Advert

Mog dreams of the events in the advert.  Do a storyboard of the events of that evening, explaining what happened.

Write a local paper article about what happened.

Do you like the advert?  Is it effective?  What is the message?  What is being advertised?

Can you think of good adjectives to describe Mog?  Think about her personality and appearance.  

Can you write your own Christmas disaster story or story board comic strip?

Can you expand on what is happening in one of the family's dreams using writing or a story board?

Watch this motivational quotes video Can you write your own motivational quotes?

Heathrow Airport

Discuss this advert.  Do you think it is clever?  Tell the story of the advert and the two bears' relationship.  Or write a postcode about the two bears' holiday or a diary entry about being back home and what you think their Christmas was like that year.

Fawlty Towers Waiter Clip Customer Service

Write a letter of complaint from the women in this clip about their experience in the restaurant. Do a comic book strip showing good and bad customer service. you may like to use the comic book design sites given on this web page.

National Lottery Write a news story about how winning the lottery changed this families life.

How would Winning the National Lottery change your life? Write about what you would do if you won.


 Titanium Song by David Guetta and Sia

What is happening?  What do the song lyrics (words) tell us?  What does Titanium mean? Can you see examples of figurative language? 

Can your write either a news report about events?


Draw a storyboard showing what happens and the MAIN important parts of the story?


Can you write a diary entry from the point of view of the boy?

Simple Introduction to poetry writinganyone can start with

Create a Biographical poem this poem type allows you to write about someone using sentence starters and guides for each line.

Create an I am poem this is a simple poem with sentence starters to allow you to create a poem about yourself.

Create a Senses poemhere you use your senses so You need to think what you would see, hear, smell, feel, think about a subject of your choice.

Sensory poem printable materials

Android Rock Paper Scissors Advert

What is the important message in this advert? 

Do an anti-bullying poster 

John Lewis Advert 2014 - Monty

Do a poster or, ideally, a storyboard explaining the friendship of the boy and the penguin and re-telling the story of what the boy learns - what is the story about?

You could then do a diary entry from the boy talking about the friendship or about his Christmas and what he learnt. 

 Barclaycard Water Slide 2008 Advert

Watch the adverts and design your  own theme park ride, doing a poster advert for it and using adjectives to describe the ride, trying to sell the idea of the ride to people.  Your ride will need a name.  Then write a short description imagining you went on the ride.  What did it feel like?  Were you excited, scared?  What were the best bits?  Use the videos to help you.

 Barclaycard 2012 Roller-coaster Ride 

Roller-coaster experience Twister

John Lewis Man in the Moon - Christmas 2015 Advert

Write a letter/postcard from the man saying thank you for the gift and telling the girl about his life.

Do you like the gift she gave?

John Lewis 2019

Christmas 2017 John Lewis Advert

Do a drawing/poster of the monster.  Describe his character...

Talk/write about the relationship between the boy and the monster.

Edgar 2019 Christmas - John Lewis Advert

Draw a poster of Edgar.  Describe his personality.  What he is like?

Describe his friendship with the girl.

Why are locals scared?

Imagine you lived in the village.  What would you think?  What would life be like?

Do you like the advert?  Why Does it work?  Can you use the advert to consider describing words for Edgar?  Think of his appearance and character.  Can you use adjectives to describe the story setting of the village?  Can you identify any Nouns, person, place, thing?  What verbs (action, doing words) can you find?

Guardian 1986 Advert. 

What impression do you get from this newspaper article at different points in the story?  Write your reaction at each point.  At the end, what is the life lesson?

 Haven 2018 Advert. 

Imagine you are on holiday with this family.  Write a postcard about your holiday.

Does the advert make you want to go on holiday there?  Why?

Write about your favourite childhood holiday. Why was it your favourite, share some memories.

P and O cruises Imagine you go on a cruise, look on their website and find a week or two week holiday. Do a postcard or diary about your holidays. You could also use Google Earth to track your holiday and research your holiday destinations and attractions.    

 Google Earth

Design your own sweets consider your ingredients, how you would describe them (use adjectives), What would they look like? What would they taste like? Who would like them? Write your own advert. Remember to name your sweets.. Barratt Sweet softies advert.

Do a newspaper story about John's Crazy socks.Then either design your own socks and use adjectives to describe them. Also give them a name. Or design a different type of product and describe it..


Use this website and research What is Access to Work Fundingthen create an informative leaflet or poster about Access to Work covering, what it is and who qualifies as well as examples of the help available. See You may also want to use this website to do a PowerPoint about different types of support to find work if you have a disability or learning difficulties.

RightmoveWrite a diary entry as the man in this advert.

Imagine you are part of or live with this family in the Right Move advert write a diary entry about your new home.

Imagine you inherit £450,000 find a new house for you using the Rightmove site and make a poster explaining your home choice.  

Guardian Newspaper Advert Three Pigs Story.

What does the advert claim happened in the three pigs story?  Do you know how this is different from the traditional three pigs story?  Write a news article as a Guardian reporter telling the story of the three pigs and the wolf based on this advert or do a poster to explain what happened. Now retell another classic story from another perspective for example as the Wolf in Red Riding hood or as the Ugly Sisters retell Cinderella. 


If you need reminding and want to refresh your memory, this is the traditional story that tells the three little pigs version of events.

Write a newspaper article or an email explaining how your local community may take action to stop loneliness. Consider also who and why people may become lonely. Then write a letter to someone who could be lonely. Cadbury Dairy Milk Advert.

Create your own 2020 COVID 19 Time capsule worksheets imagine you work for a museum and they have given you this task to find items.

Use Bitmoji to create an avatar character of yourself and pick adjectives to do a descriptive poster about yourself and your hobbies and interests

Create a new character for the Mario Bros game, use adjective to describe your character's personality, role and appearance. Then imagine you are sucked into a Mario game what happens? Nintendo Super Mario U Deluxe 

Describe using adjectives this Harry Potter Hogwarts setting

Use Toontastic
to make your own animated story.  Think about the different stages to a story, the setting and characters you choose.  What message or moral do you want for your story?  What are you going to teach your audience? Who is your audience? 

Use Toontastic to create your own character and then use adjectives to describe the character.  Think about appearance and their personality. Remember, you can use the camera to take a picture of your character.  You could also use adjectives to describe a scene from Toontasic.  

ET Christmas Advert.  

What is the most important message in this advert?  Do a poster or leaflet about how life in general has changed, for example, in terms of technology since ET last visited Earth.

Imagine what Elliot and ET may talk about, given that they have not seen each other for 30 years.  Think about how their life may have changed, such as their family and home.

Write a narrative (spoken introduction) to this advert when the children meet ET for the first time.

Do an ET film review.  What do you think of it?  What is your best scene?  Why? Who is your favourite character?  What do you think of the special effects?  

What do you think about this Dove Soap advert?  What is the message?  Explain the meaning of the advert and what it is trying to teach us.  Can you write an article for a magazine about the experiment or a speech choosing your door and the reasons why?

Yellow Pages Haircut Advert.  

Write a diary entry for this day as the young girl.  Do you like the advert?  Is the advert effective?

WWF World Wildlife Fund Awareness Raising. 

Watch these adverts.

What do they tell you?  Is the message effective?

Download the free WWF app and the free ChatterPix app and make your own animated advert, educating people about a wildlife animal of your choice from the app.

  WWF Advert 

Information about the WWF app you should download to do your own animated advert or a information leaflet. There are also lots of resources on there website About our planet

This is the ChatterPix app you can use to bring photos, paintings and objects to life.  For example, to make your own WWF animation, or to do a piece of research on someone from history and let them give their account of what happened.  For example, Guy Fawks or Henry the VIIIth or one of his Wives.  Or you can do a product advert for an item like a chocolate bar.

Watch the National Geographic Video, The Orangutan, and do an information leaflet or a poster showing your awareness of Key issues.  You may like to also use the WWF app above.

Go on a Virtual Day Trip to the San Diego Zoo and write a review or do a poster with visitor attraction details using the site.

Debate - Are zoos good or bad?  Do some research of the pros and cons.

Use Padlet to work with others and create an online blog or newsletter or simple an area for sharing ideas. You could discuss current affairs, do your own newspaper, create a appropriate family friendly fun zone for anything from debating topics to uploading funny videos and discussing what people think. You could use the area to display your creativity such as art work or show examples of life skills achievements like an online display board or you could do a group project like about an adult life topic or on a geography topic like a country...

Warwick Castle Virtual Tour

Watch the video and do a promotional advert in the form of a poster. 

Watch this 2014 Marks & Spencer Food Advert

Can you identify any verbs (doing words), nouns (person, place or thing)?  Can you describe the food using adjectives?  Do you think the advert is effective? Why?  Pick an item of food and write a description using adjectives.  Think out your senses.  How does it taste, feel, sound?  

London Tourism Board

Does this promotional video make you want to visit London?  Research the attractions and do your own promotional poster or PowerPoint explaining what people should visit and why.

Watch this video on Buckingham Palace - A Virtual Visit. 

Did you enjoy your visit?  Would you like to go in person?  Pick a different visitor attraction of your choice and say why you would like to go.

Newsy Desert Island 

Watch the video.  Imagine you were stranded on an island what five things. What five things would you you want to have with you and why?

Who would you take with you and why?

What would be the first things you would do?  How would you spend your first day?  What do you think you would find difficult?  Write a message to put in a bottle.

Every Mind Matters NHS Short Film Clip

Watch the video and then visit the Every Mind Matters website and other mental wellbeing websites from this site, to make a poster and an information leaflet, explaining good mental health and giving advice to help people look after themselves.

Then do an informative poster or information leaflet on a common physical health problem. To help you use the health section of this website. You may like to look at sites like Easy Health or the NHS Picture of Health Site. You may also like to do a promotional poster advising and making people aware of the NHS 111 service.

Also look at the Mental Wellbeing videos section of this website and do either a poster or a leaflet about the video and mental health issue you pick.

Unusual Houses of the World Video

Which house would you most like to live in and why?

Imagine you are an Estate Agent.  Do an advert to try to sell one of these houses.

Design your own dream house using pictures and writing.  What would your ideal house be like? 

Watch the Only Falls and Houses Auction Clip and try to answer the questions.  Replay the clip until you have all the answers. 


What is being auctioned by Del and Rodney?

What auction number is it?

What is the item made off?

How many years had they had the item?  What had they first thought it was?

Why do Del and Rodney faint?

What is the auction house where they are called?

How much does the item sell for?

What is going to happen to the item after the sale?

Then imagine what you would spend the money on and do a poster or a piece of writing.  Explain how you would spend the money and why.

Room 101 is a game show where different celebrities suggest something to be put in room 101 to be locked away, removing the issue.  It is a comedy programme where people suggest things that annoy them, for example, wasps, litter.  What item would you put in room 101?  Write about your item and your reasons in a persuasive speech.  

Use the free app Collage Pic to create a collage first about yourself adding descriptive adjectives and then about a place.  You can also explore other parts of speech such as a making a poster.  Explain what verbs are and then what nouns are, using pictures to explain.

Make an instructional poster showing the step for doing something to help others know how to, for example, bake a cake, make a sandwich, make a cup of tea.

Dream Job

Watch this video on a Lego Dream Job from Fox.

Would this be your dream job?  Why?  What would be your dream job?  Do a poster and some writing about your dream job.  What skills and qualities would you need for this job?  Write a letter applying for this job.


Do you like this advert?  Is it effective?  What is it about?  What do you also learn about work environments, roles, skills and qualities?  Would you like to work there?  Would you be good working there and why?


You are going on a Mount Everest Expedition with the others in the video.

How would you feel at different points?  The Beginning?  Middle?  End?  What emotions?  What senses?  Would you like to go?  Can you describe the scene using adjectives?

Use the free Google Expeditions app with your phone or iPad and write about your experiences.  You could create a global map display of your experiences or a poster about what you learn.  You can do this if you have an iPad or phone and for the phone, a simple cardboard viewer. 

CBS Story on Google Expeditions.

Super Hero's NHS Tribute Song Advert. 

Describe this important message in this song.  What makes a Super Hero to you?

What have you learnt by and from events of 2020?  You could also write a self isolation story, talking about these times or put a time capsule to reflect these times. What items would you include to show these times?  What items are important to you and why?  What would you tell your future self to remember  from these times?

Use Canva to create your own educational posters and more.

Story Bird. 

The only paid service on this list.  Use the website and the powerful inspiring images for your story, prompt ideas and poetry.

Produce an information leaflet on a leisure interest or sport of your choice and how everyone with and without a disability can take part in this chosen activity.The types of activities you may consider include gardening, walking, video gaming, horse riding, cycling or going to the cinema, sailing, running. You should find the leisure or sport sections helpful for showing how everyone can get involved or

Japan Travel Guide. 

Do a project on visiting Japan, including a poster covering key tourism information, promoting the country as a tourist destination and plan what you would do if you were visiting Japan for seven days.  You may also like to plan not just where to visit but where to stay and the costs.  Use the video and the National Tourism Organisation website of Japan for other information. Watching the video, take notes to help you and re watch if needed.

Do an Informational Leaflet or Poster on the Lifecycle of a Frog. 

This video from DoDo should help. You could do the same, for example, for a Butterfly.  You may like to use Pic Collage or similar. 


Three story elements: Combine all three elements into one creative story

Identical twins, a locked door and a horoscope

A box, an old women and a broken watch

A young girl, a diary and a lie

A camp site, a scream, and an old castle

An old house, a young couple and a goldfish

A woman, a fake illness and a letter

A mistake, a sinister stranger and a police station

A boss, an airport a party invite

A regret, a car and a birthday

What is this about?  Why did the man do this?  What is the main message?  Was the man right to do this?  Does it matter that we do not speak his language.  What does the music mean/add to the story?  What do you think they may be advertising?