Mental Wellbeing: Mental Health videos

Mental wellbeing: mental health conditions video clips

These are intended to be insightful but always follow medical advice, talk to health professionals and your GP. You can recover and should not let mental health problems define you. 

TED ED has a number of video lesson animations that are short fairly simple but very well informed related to mental health including topics like OCD and also Bipolar Disorder among others

Ted Ed The Importance of a breakdown video seeing mental health problems as opportunities to learn about yourself and grow but do follow medical advice 


NHS Psychosis Early intervention young people video clip 

In my Mind Psychosis video

Ted Talk A tale of Mental illness from the inside 


Living with a Mental Disorder video clip covers a range of conditions and what they feel like 

Ruby Wax What's so Funny about Mental Illness Ted Talk

Black Dog Depression video clip explains what depression feels like 

NHS Laurence's story of recovery from Clinical Depression  

NHS Mental Health Laura's story of recovery 


 MIND Charity video clip on Talking about Eating disorders 

 MIND Charity Talking about Bipolar 

 OCD lived experience video 

Ted Talk anxiety disorders

Mind What is mental health?

 Mind video Talking to your GP for the first time about your Mental Health

Oxford Health NHS video about Personality Disorders 

NHS Self Harm advice video