Useful websites and support for mental wellbeing

Every Mind Matters NHS action plans to help your mind and body. The site helps you develop a plan to overcome conditions like anxiety, low mood,. depression, stress, sleep issues and improve your general wellbeing. Also body support like help to change negative habits around drinking, eating, stress, poor sleep, help to get exercise, stop smoking and generally monitor health. People are also encouraged to get talking, plus there are suggestions for apps. The site is about being informed and making better informed choices

Kooth is an online free safe recommended counselling service for throughout the UK covering Bucks for  adults and young people and relevant to young people it is also anonymous. It covers topics like self-harm and strategies to manage like relaxation

CAMHS BUCKS is a colourful and informative website explaining Child and Adolescent mental health services in Buckinghamshire. It explains what young people up to age 18 can expect, the different types of therapies used, allows young people to get involved in the work. Helps you people know what to expect from CAMHS and how they are feeling. It helps them get needed help providing advice and information

Bucks Mind Guide Are part of the massive Mind UK mental health charity they have an online Buckinghamshire Mind guide working as a directory covering local services and help. It is very detailed and useful and offers many categories including a look at local help in the following areas: education, volunteering and Employment, advice and information, housing, support services, mental health services, apps for helping wellbeing, your rights and much more

Bucks Mind local branch of the Mind mental health charity offers adult and young people/child affordable counselling and support groups including peer support as well as activity groups and an employment service as well as a befriending service to tackle isolation. The website details different options for different needs

Time to Change is a mental health charity focused on changing attitudes and increasing understanding of mental health If your struggle with your mental health and or struggle with a diagnosis or events that have happened and working about your recovery or how to come to terms with your experience it can be very useful to read other people’s stories that may be further along recovery and managing their life’s. You can get insightful personal stories here

Start 2 help your mental wellbeing with 70 creative practical tasks being creative, using art, photography, writing, drawing, collage, textiles, animation, mindfulness self-help and fun however artistic you are

Moodzone NHS Practical help with mental wellbeing from NHS Choices see

NHS Self-help therapies these relate to psychological therapies and including books and CDs on prescription. These include books on different mental health conditions, videos, audio guides, information about NHS approved health apps, CBT self help, blogs, real life stories  and the online Mood zone. The availability of online help through the NHS depends on your area so in Bucks it is available through Healthy Minds   

The Mix emotional support for the under 25s

Young Minds Young people mental health charity  covering different mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, self-harm, ADHD, Bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis OCD and more

Epic Minds

NHS and research informed useful site aimed at providing information and support for those experiencing and recovering from first episode psychosis especially aimed at young people. Learn about symptoms, treatments, learn of stories of recovery from those with lived personal experiences, learn and take control of your care plan tailored to you.Explore different tools and strategies to put you in control

My Mind Cheshire and Wirral NHS lots of resources and games for young people to help improve mental health

OCD Youthaimed at young people up to 25 to increase their understanding of and ability to cope with and overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Epic Friends aimed at young people a good site if you are looking for help and ideas to support friends you know or feel could have mental health issues

Fixers Young people with experience of mental health looking to the future includes many videos and topics

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust Great free resources for young people with Depression and other mental health issues. Resources include wellbeing action plans with lots of helpful suggestions to stay well, guides to help overcome self-harm, depression and low mood posters giving ideas to help, strategies for staying in control and using social media well.

Doc Ready website helping you prepare for your first time you visit the doctor about your mental health 

Be Mindful mindfulness courses about being aware and preset in the current moment 

Beat eating disorders support charity and information

OCD Action is the UKs largest Obsessive Compulsive Disorder charity

Anxiety UK is a major UK Anxiety charity offering information and many support services

The Samaritans a charity offering emotional support and someone to talk too at all times 24/7

Bipolar UK is a charity for those with Bipolar see also other charities like Young Minds and Mind

Therapist aid Self-esteem worksheets for young people

Burt charity helping awareness and understanding of depressionwith some useful resources

Mind charity Take Care of your Wellbeing advice poster

Accept Yourself Mind charity poster

Sleep hygiene Coventry NHS leaflet

Rethink Mental illness have produced an information leaflet on useful alternative and complementary therapies for mental health issues you may find useful if you are having difficulties

Papyrus help with suicidal thoughts aimed at young people up to age 35

The Brain Charity based in Liverpool work with individuals with any neurological condition which can be very wide ranging but includes Autism, Brain Injury, Stroke, cluster headaches, ADHD, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy and much more they offer lots of practical help like with understanding your condition, employment tips,information and advice including a large library and many resources, benefits advice, Carer support, young people services. They also have lots of emotional support services like counselling, lists of support groups, help with confidence and employability as well as social support

Ideal Flatmate have produced a good guide on Student Mental Health at University

National Institute on Drug Advice Easy Read Drugsthe facts an American Government website on often illegal (against the law) and recreational drugs

FRANK information that is direct and clear about different generally illegal drugs. The UK website has a text line and phone line support as well as signposting to local support services in your area

Self harm UK charity also offers online support for young people 14-19 who are at risk of self harming

National Self harm network forums offering online support

HearingVoices Network UK for people who have unusual sensory experiences hearing and seeing things  ://

Mental health easy read resources 

Easy read guide to Feeling down looking after your mental health from the federation of learning disabilities

 Easy read guide to Understanding Anxiety from the Federation of learning disabilities 

 Psychosis easy read from Peter Bates

 OCD easy read Peter Bates

 Depression easy read Peter Bates

NHS Grief Easy Read 

 Supporting people with Learning Difficulties with Grief and loss from Peter Bates

 Understanding Anger Easy read Peter Bates

 Self harm easy read Peter Bates

How to relax easy read Peter Bates

NICE Guide People with Learning Difficulties and Challenging Behaviour Easy Read Guide

 Mental Wellbeing and other Health apps

NHS Approved health and wellbeing apps library

Mind Charity recommended apps for mental wellbeing

Healthy Young Minds Herts recommends the following wellbeing apps for young people

Ted Ed Sleep Deprivation  (Not sleeping) on your physical and mental health 

 British Association of Music Therapy is when trained professionals use music to help someone with physical, emotional, intellectual, and social challenges to use music to help overcome difficulties like through listening and playing music or writing songs, and doing this to express and explore one's emotions.

Nordoff Robbins music therapy charity with centres throughout the UK

British Association of Art Therapists a form of psychotherapy counselling using art media to help explore emotional problems and or physical disability, learning disability and other medical conditions with a trained therapist