Money Management, Numeracy and Literacy

These resources on everyday money management, practical Maths and Literacy help with making complex topics, like finance more accessible and simpler to understand.  Intended to help reassure give greater control and independence.

Make Money Make Sense, Eastbone Citizens Advice and East Sussex Trading Standardsresources, including information on budgeting, banking, wages, debt offers, advice to students and lesson plans.

The Money Manual from The Money Charity offers budgeting information to help you with budget planning and how to build a budget.  It also covers savings and types of borrowing, types of banking, types of insurance, to understanding your payslip and sources of income.

BILD Money Skills - Keeping Track of Your Money.  The video is a very basic introduction to understanding bank accounts.

Money saving tips and discounts for disabled people.

BILD have a range of resources to help people with learning disabilities manage money, such as open and manage banking and opening a bank account, different aspects of banking, like quick guides to banking and resource packs with Easy Read resources from Barclays.

United Response have a range of Banking made Easier Resources.

Money Advice Service helping people with learning disabilities Understand Money.

Financial Conduct Authority Guide to Everyday Banking Easy read. A very comprehensive sum up of everyday banking.

Shop Around from the Northern Ireland Consumer Association is an interactive website covering your shopping rights, and topics, like money management, offering you situations to consider based on real life type situations.

NatWest Money Sense Online Budgeting Game: See if you can manage your finances for three months with this game aimed at young people.

Money Matters to me an online website for day to day finance understanding

Young Enterprise Spending Sense resources especially useful for SEN

NatWest Money Sense Coursewhich offers a financial understanding course to increase confidence in money management.

Barclays Life Skills Money Management and Budgeting.  Includes lesson plans and resources.

Trading Standards (Kent) Easy Read Comprehensions for Life Skills covering lots of consumer issues that are very useful for independent adult life at E3 Level.  Includes Money Management, shopping rights, social media, fire safety, scams, crime, labels and more.

Northern Ireland Curriculum, Talk Money, Talk Maths offers resources based on real life situations and understanding finance.  Offers different PowerPoint presentations.

Barclays Money skills from the Citizen’s Advice site


National Autistic Society.  An online free course about Managing Money.

National Autistic Society.  A Guide to Managing Money for people on the Autism Spectrum.

Citizens Advice.  Barclays Money Skills Toolkit covers financial topics, like bank account, budgeting, spending and saving.

BBC Skillswise.  Adult numeracy skills topic: Money.

Citizens Advice Guide - How to Write a Letter: A clear and easy to follow guide with layout instructions, showing how to write a simple letter of complaint. 

Citizens Advice - Different types of letter template.