Our Services

As a not -for-profit registered CIC, we help those with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities with employability, life skills, self esteem or general disability mentoring and 1:1 work.  We help with CV's, application forms, finding work.  We can help with applications for Personal Independence Payments.  We can advise on iPad technology, especially for those with Moderate Learning Difficulties.  We are developing Task Cards to encourage you to self-direct yourself  around her website and improve your employability. 

We will be developing an affordable Jobs Board for companies to show a commitment to people with disabilities, showing job roles especially suitable for entry level, and second jobs and graduate jobs and internships, as well as volunteering.  Please contact us if you are a company wanting to register an interest in this service

We can review products or services that fit with our work of working with people with disabilities.  We also are looking to promote enterprise skills.

You can contact us about advertising opportunities, such as jobs, education, training, life skills and disability products suitable for our work.

We would like to hear from you if you are a organisation, business or person with a disability or learning difficulty wanting to work with us.  We want to hear your stories and experiences and collect your feedback and ideas moving forward.