Outdoor Learning Creativity

Outdoor Learning 

Collect some stones and make some story stones, adding motivational words to stones, use a dictionary and a thesaurus to help you.  If working with others, use their words too and build a poem or a story using the words.  You can also paint the stones with patterns, not just words.

Use a free plant and tree identification app Picture That to identify the plants and trees in your garden or when out walking.  Take a photo, identify and make a poster or Pic Collage of your findings.  Try to use the photos also as a writing prompt ,like for a poem or story.

Look for natural items of a certain colour to collect and build a collage or take photos of to make a Pic College using the app.

Make some sun print cards using leafs and natural items.

put some power paint on some paper and leave the paper for a short time in the rain to see the effects.

Collect natural items, like leafs and twigs to do painting prints either on paper or on pottery if you have any spare plain pottery, like a mug or plate.

Make some natural sculptures, pushing natural items into clay like leaflets.  You could also make some small animal sculptures, such as a hedgehog out of clay and also use sticks..

Decoupage an old piece of furniture with photography from nature.

You could make some items, like animal sculptures, by making some salt dough and painting.

Do some Mandala Circle Art using natural items.

Look at the trees and try some personification, meaning give the tree some human features, what stories would the trees tell about their life?  What do they make of life today?  What secretes would they tell?  What worries do they have?  You could take photos on a tablet and use Pic Collage or to make personification easier, use Chatter Pix.  You could also draw the trees.

You could trace shadows or make up a story about shadows.  Do some shadows photography and, again, you could use Chatter Pix to bring the picture to life.  Lie on the grass and study the clouds, using your senses to fill your imagination.  Try to imagine shapes and charters from the clouds.  What can you see?  Build a story.

Do an ABC of nature and keep a daily nature log.  Sit outside at the same time each day and record what you find.  Write a journal. 

Use chalk to build letter or number shapes and then collect natural items, like leaves and sticks for that shape.  Take photos.

Do some feet painting on large sheets of paper.  Or use paint balloons or splatter paint with cotton balls.  

Build a natural picture using twigs as a photography frame and natural items in the photo, take photos.
Take photos of leafs and flowers in the rain with close ups on rain drops.

Make geometric shapes, like rectangles of different sizes of stickinside each other from sticks.

Pick a garden creature, like a bee or a bird or an ant, sit outside looking for inspiration and write a story with this theme.

Make a game, such as noughts and crosses/tic tack toe using items, like stones, paint and chalk.

Jump in puddles being aware of your senses and writing about the experience. 

Use different petals to make a mosaic picture.

Record natural sounds like the birds or rain that can help you sleep and make you more observant of your surroundings.

Create a mini garden in a container, you can also use shells and stones. 
Use natural items like leafs, sticks, shells to make math sum equations or patterns and take a photo using a tablet or mobile phone. You will also need chalk.