Personal Health Budgets (PHB)

Personal Health Budgets (PHB)

This is an agreed amount of money paid to help you with your NHS continued Health Care Needs(long term out of hospital health and care support).  It is offered to children and adults but is dependent on the types of health needs you have.  The impact of these health needs on you as a person and the resulting care and support necessary to manage your health and wellbeing.  It is about the impact of the condition on you, not just the existence of a diagnosis or condition as everyone is different.  It is also about the intensity of these health needs, the complexity of needs and skills needed to manage this and how predictable or not the condition is.  Eligibility is decided by teams of clinical staff that follow national guidance and consider your continuing healthcare needs.  

What the budget can pay for depends on what your support plan agrees and the nature of your health needs, it is flexible.  It can pay for equipment, servicesand/or therapies.  It is about giving the patient control and options to manage their health, which is more empowering and better for wellbeing because it is about what works for each patient.  A sense of control is very important for everyone's wellbing.  Examples of how the money may be spent include help to manage your condition at home, such as care staff.  The option for respite care and short breaks, gym membership, mentoring for a mental health condition, counselling, physiotherapy, acupuncture, daily living equipment, assistance dogs, pain relief therapy, tele-health equipment and many other options.  It is personal to what should help you and puts you in control of your care and maximising effectiveness of your treatment using a personalised and planned approach.  You have the option to be paid this money via direct payments, giving you more control over how it is spent working with your healthcare team. There are, however, other options, for example, the NHS can hold the money for you.    

Hear about Samantha’s story of Personal Health Budgets in this NHS video.

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