Adult life projects for learning to navigate this website


Visit each of the sections and complete activities from each section. Some are educational learning tasks like posters, leaflets and presentations on adult life topics. Others are practical life skills activities to achieve. We would like to introduce a rewards system for completion of certain numbers of these tasks like badges and certificates. The activities are at a mix of levels and situations to cater for as many people as possible.

Benefits and housing sectionof our site

You work for the council. Do an Information leaflet or PowerPoint about different housing options if you have a disability.

You work for the government do an information leaflet about disability benefits.

Go to a benefits assessment.

You work for a bank of your choice as a customer assistant you have been asked to do your own information leaflet about banking.

Do a poster explaining when you may consider using a credit card and why.

Do a poster on independent living and what it means to you

You work as a customer services assistant in a bank and a new customer wants to open a new account. Write a dialogue of the questions you may ask and the advice you may give.

You work for the bank do an information poster for customers explaining budgeting.

Do a PowerPoint on the different support available for people with money issues/problems.

Do a poster or leaflet about the types of adaptations for the home that may help someone with a physical (or sensory disability) be independent.

Do a poster about staying safe in the home.

You are a volunteer for shop mobility and they ask you to create a poster about the charity.

You work for the council and they ask you to do a poster about Social Care Assessments explaining what they are.

Do an information leaflet or poster about how technology can help someone with a disability at home.

Do a poster about the Shared Lives Scheme. 
Why is it important for people to have their own source of money?

Visit a bank and manage your money.

Manage your budget successful for a month.

Phone the bank and manage your money.

Pay your own bills, managing them for at least a week

Live Independently of your family.

Use the Gas charity’s website and do a poster on hazards in the home and also general gas safety.

Health section of our site

Use Easy Health and Picture of Health and make a poster  about a physical health issue of your choice. 
Make an information leaflet about 5 physical health conditions of your choice.

You work for the NHS Do a poster explaining NHS 111 service to the public.

Do a poster to explain when to use different medical options like your GP, accident and emergency (casualty), your pharmacy and 111. 

Do a poster giving advice to someone who has flu.

Do an information leaflet about a mental health condition of your choice. 

Do a PowerPoint about at least 4 mental health conditions.

Do a poster to educate the public about looking after their mental wellbeing.

Watch a mental health/wellbeing video and write a review about what you think of the video and what you learn.

Do a poster on healthy eating

Do a poster on the importance of exercise. 
Do an informative poster explaining how to read and understand  a nutritional label 

Join and use a gym regularly 

Do a poster on basic first aid.

Do a poster on the importance of sleep.

Do some exercise regularly for at least a month. 

Go to sleep by 10pm and get up by 8pm for a month.

Keep a mood journal or use a mood journal app.

Explain the Eat Well Guide and what  is BMI, why is it important and useful? 

Use the Change for life app on the snacks in your kitchen and do a poster on the results.

Try and follow and do a recipe from the cooking part of the site and the recipe options on this website. Make the food and write a review of how it went and how good it tasted.

Watch a physical health video from this site and do your own information leaflet about that health issue or topic.

Do a poster giving advice on how to help manage your emotions. 

Try out some mindfulness

Use one of the mental health/wellbeing apps.

Do a poster on the job of an Occupational Therapist or another health professional of your choice.

Book a medical appointment 

Plan and go to a medical appointment independently.

Go into hospital for an operation or a procedure 

Vist the opticians for an appointment 

Visit the dentist for an appointment 

Do a poster about the importance of the dentist and oral hygiene 

Have your flu jab

Have some blood taken

Go to your health annual review 

Complete a CBT course 

Do a poster explaining CBT

Do a poster explaining Social Prescribing

Take part in social prescribing  

Do a information poster on strategies you use to manage stress and stay calm.

Make yourself a paper fortune teller. Firstly show you can follow instructions. Then theme the fortune teller to help people improve their mental health. Write tips to help mental wellbeing and self esteem

Do a poster that details life coping skills that work for you and help you manage your emotions and problems.

Do a poster on tips for a happy life.

Interests section of this website

Do a PowerPoint on disability sport

Set yourself a personal challenge like a sports challenge.

Do a poster about an interest or hobby of your choice that you do.

Research and do a poster about a new interest you would like to try. Research also how to get involved.

Plan a visit to a National Trust attraction 

Visit a National Trust property 
Do a poster or leaflet about either disability and gardening or disability and cycling, disability and walking or disability and gaming.

Do a poster about different accessible tourism attractions in the U.K. or accessible London or about a specific tourist attraction you choose. 
Visit a tourist attraction local to you and do a review about what you think of it.

Plan to visit an English Heritage site

Visit an attraction like to a amusement park or zoo, plan your day including getting there on public transport if possible and practical, also consider the timings and order to see attractions. Use a map independently to find your way around.

Visit an English Heritage site and write a review about it.  

You volunteer for the RDA do a poster promoting their work. 

Do a news article about Erik Weihenmayer.

Do a poster about the Special or Para Olympics.

Do a poster or information leaflet about Disability Snow sports.

You have a friend with a physical disability who would like to go skiing but is not sure if it is possible what advice do you give her.

Write a newspaper article about Race Running.

Do a poster advertising local to you disability sports using the Parasport website.

Go to a new club (social or sport, disability specific or not) see what you think and write about it.

Do some gardening and document with photography or videos.

Try a new sport or hobby 

Imagine you work at the cinema and someone asks you about the CEA card..What is this? Do a poster that you could have up in a cinema making people aware.

Go to the cinema and write a review of a film.

Go for a walk and document it with photos.

Do a project or challenge on a topic that interests you.

Make a video on a topic that interests you or a funny video.

Research a disabled artist and do a presentation on them and their work.

Go swimming 

Try horse riding (Check out the RDA).

Go cycling 

Work in a team and explain what you did and why.

Life in General

Do a poster on different types of relationships

Do a poster on friendship.

Do an information poster on bullying. 
Do a poster or presentation on common daily life problems and solutions 

Do a poster about different household chores and do a weekly chores rota. Be sure to include all the important household chores.

Demonstrate a life skill using photos or video

Do a drama role play about an adult life skill topic

Demonstrate a creative way to overcome a disability potential problem and complete a life skill independently. 

Demonstrate at least 3 life skills and strategies independently 

Go and get your hair cut independently 

Go to a cafe or restaurant, order your food independently and pay for your food independently. Also if asked give feedback on the experience.

Use trip advisor to find a cafe to visit. Then visit it and do a trip advisor review of the experience.

Make a hot drink or some toast

Make some breakfast for yourself 

Make some breakfast for someone else

Look after your self care including selecting appropriate clothes, washing, dressing and managing medication independently.

Make a meal from ingredients in the fridge

Follow a recipe from the cooking section of this site.

Set the table for a family meal 

Do a poster on recycling 

Iron a item. 

Do your weeks ironing 

Purchase the correct batteries and put them in an item correctly

Use a TV guide and plan your weeks TV watching. Explain why you pick the shows you do.

Do a poster explaining the difference between essential and non essential shopping. 

Go to the shops to buy a few items and pay cash. Handle any change correctly. Do this successfully at least 4 times.

Use a self serve checkout In a supermarket at least twice.

Ask for assistance at the shop.

Tidy a room or office. Keep it tidy and organised. 

Do a poster on staying safe at home

Do a PowerPoint or poster on understanding scams

Do a poster on staying safe online

Do a poster or PowerPoint on staying safe out and about and on public transport

Use public transport independently.

Do a poster on consumer (customer) rights 

Ask for help to find something in a shop

Complete all the Trading Standards comprehensions on this website.

Apply for your provisional driving licence 

Go to a driving assessment centre for a driving assessment 

Go for a driving lesson

Have at least 20 driving lessons  

Revise for your driving theory test and pass the actual test 

Fill a car successfully with gas

Pass your driving test

Do a PowerPoint about disability and being a parent.

Do a poster or information leaflet explaining the role of parliament.

Do a poster or presentation on Crime and Punishment 

Do a poster on the importance of community 

Do a poster on what culture means to you

Write to your local MP recommending a project for your local area. What facilities, services or attractions would be useful?

Explain the importance of voting and what is involved.

Vote in an election 

Explain the importance of the law and some ideas on how law works in the U.K. 

Read First News or Easy News and report on a news story.

Do a poster on the importance of the media

Read a different newspaper and report about what you read

Do a review on one of the disability blogs of your choice or compare two different ones.

Write your own blog or diary. 

Set and use an alarm to help you manage time for one month and write about if this helps you.

Attend and then do a poster or presentation about a community event-did you enjoy it? What did you do? Why was it on? When was it on?

Help with a celebration of your choice and then write about the celebration. This could be something like Christmas e.g helping with the cooking, wrapping gifts, putting up the tree, or arranging a birthday party for someone else.

Do an information poster about a Disability for example Autism or ADHD

Do a poster or comic book strip about managing a conflict 

Do a poster about good manners

Do a poster about good and bad life choices 

Do an information leaflet on driving and disability.

Do a poster or a PowerPoint of your own on disability and technology.

Play a board game and then do a review about the game and if you enjoy it or not.

Do an instructional poster showing the steps of a daily living task with photos and clear steps. Examples include making breakfast , making a cup of tea or making a bed. Or doing the washing. You could start putting a self help manual for different tasks to help people. Do the tasks as you do this activity.

Research a famous person with a disability and do a PowerPoint on them.

Write about someone you respect or admire 

Do a poster about people you trust.

Write about what is important to you, your values and what motivates you.

Set yourself some goals for the future.

Write about your achievements in life.

Write a role play for phoning 999.

Do the laundry and document the steps with instructions and photos or do a information poster on cleaning the house. Use photos in your poster.

Help someone and write about it.

Take on some more responsibility and write about it.

Learn a new skill (you may like to use you tube) then document it using video or photos.

Do a poster on what is involved in caring for a pet of your choice.

Do a poster on adult responsibility 

Do a poster on adult rights.

Write about current affairs or do a poster.

Organise a social gathering.

Go to a social gathering. 

So somewhere new and write about it.

Plan and manage your time including spending some time alone.

Explain a time when you had to manage change. How did you cope and what did you learn.

Write a shopping list and go shopping independently.

Make a needed phone call to someone you do not know.

Vacuum the home

Do some dusting

Pack and put on a dishwasher or do some washing up.
Pack and unpack a suitcase 

Plan a holiday 

Go on a planned and organised overnight stay independently or with a frIend. Tell others if going out or away.

Workplace section of this website 

Do a poster or information leaflet explaining Access to work funding.
Apply for Access to Work 

Write about your Access to Work Experience

Have an Access to Work Assessment

Do a PowerPoint on different support to help you get a job if you have a disability.

Do a poster explaining the Disability Confident scheme.

Do a poster or presentation on careers in customer service 

Do a poster or presentation on careers in hospitality 

Do a poster or presentation on careers in a hospital 

Do a poster or presentation on careers caring for others

Do a poster or presentation on working in an office

Do a poster or presentation on working with animals

Do a poster or presentation on careers working outside 

Do a poster or presentation on careers in media 

Do a poster or presentation on careers in art.
Do a poster on work equipment 
Do a presentation or poster on duties at work
Do a presentation or poster on responsibilities at work

Explore a charity or social enterprise local or national that can help you find work.

Identify your own skills and qualities in a poster

Write a cover letter for a job of your choice.

Do a poster identifying where you may look for work.

Do a poster on what you would wear to an interview
Do a poster giving interview tips to others.

Do a job search and find 4 jobs you could realistically apply for and say why.

Do a presentation on your ideal first job and other jobs you may like in your career.

Do a poster on the benefits of work and having a job.

Do a poster on the benefits of volunteering.

Write your CV 

Visit the job centre.

Apply for a real job you would like to do

Do a mock interview 

Go to an interview

Get a paid job

Get a good performance review at work 

Phone work if you are going to be late or if you are unwell and not going to work, do this Independently. 

Do a work trial 

Do an enterprise activity 

Raise money for charity.

Do a days volunteering 

Volunteer somewhere for at least 3 months 

Visit a company and do a work project or some work shadowing.

Complete a mock application form for a job you find that you think is suitable. Use; Example job application from job centre plus

Complete at least 4 mock application forms independently 

Do a poster on working for Microsoft. Then, Do a PowerPoint on a company you may like to work for.

Do a poster explaining and giving examples of reasonable adjustments someone may have at work.

Watch the short case studies on working with a disability and write a review.

Watch the videos on identifying skills and qualities and do the activity.

Do a poster about apprenticeships and supported internships. 

Complete a Supported internship or apprenticeship

Have good attendance at college, on training or at work/volunteering (90 percent) or more.

Write a list of worry’s, concerns or problems you feel you may have at work and try to identify where you may get help. Talk the list through with someone you trust.

Do a poster about Job Centre Plus.

Have a meeting at Job Centre Plus with a disability advisor 

Write a list of reasons why someone should hire you. 
Do a poster on health and safety at work. 
Do a poster explaining examples of different types of workplaces and work settings. Identify different types of work communication. Show on a poster. 
interview someone about the job they do.

Can you think of problems or dilemmas you may face at work. Do a poster and try to identify suitable solutions to these problems. For example when you do not understand a task or when you may be late what to do.

If you volunteer or work do a poster with photography of your typical day.

Come up with your own self employment idea and write down the details.

Design a product for example a mug, bag or a T shirt using your own art work or motivational message.

Design a range of products using art or photography 

Get items you designed made into products 

Research someone who set up their own business. What skills and qualities do they need.

Do a work experience, volunteering or work diary each week/ or day.

Write a professional email. 

Explain formal and informal situations doing a poster.

Complete a Clear Talents Profile

Attend a meeting at work 

Develop your digital skills using this site completing activities to include using the website, internet, apps, learning journal, and Microsoft Office.

Develop some website management skills.

Maintain your own work Or study folders 

Ask for help at work when you really need it and write about the experience 

Work more independently in your job

Complete your job independently 

Create a product for example make some jewellery or up cycling some furniture 

Use a product design website successfully and create something 

Deliver good customer service and write about it

Do a poster or comic book strip explaining good customer service 

Sell an item you were responsible for creating 

Sell an item in a shop 

Use Workplace Safety hazards photos from Work Safe BC and do a poster on workplace hazards

Do a comic strip on health and safetythis may give you some ideas


Do some of the education creative writing activities or math projects or try different maths or English assistance websites.

Do a review of a website from this site.

Do at least 4 reviews and compare websites or apps.

Contribute to this website.

Explain what a EHCP is and why it is important for some people.

Use an educational app such as from the videos on education apps on this website or use one of the Call Scotland wheel apps and do a review.

Use an art website from our site to be creative and review it.

Go to college and complete the course

Sit a test or exam

Use and maintain a learning journal 

Make and do with others a Kahoot! 

Contribute to an EHCP review 

Earn a qualification or a certificate.

Read a book (It can be a audio book)

Do a book review.

Do a poster about different mindsets for learning.