Speaking and listening: Moral Dilemma role plays

Moral Dilemmas to role play


Your friend has brought a new top, it is very bold and you hate it. She is going out to an important social event and asks what do you think? What do you tell her?


You get money out of the cash machine (ATM) and it gives you an extra £50.00 what do you do?


You can get free WI WiFi by using your neighbours connection without them knowing what should you do?


You see your friends partner appearing to be flirting over a meal with someone else, what do you do?


You have just passed your test. When parking you crash into the neighbouring parked car, what do you do?


You get your bill in the restaurant and see they have not charged for any drinks, what do you do?


A friend starts telling jokes that make fun at a stranger. Everyone seems to find the jokes funny, what do you think?


A friend keeps buying you food and drink, you do not ask them to but is it okay to keep accepting their food and drink?


You see a £10.00 on the street non one else is around, what do you do?


A friend throws a crisp packet out of the car window, what do you do?


You have gone shopping to pick up an ordered item. You will not be long. It is ten minutes before closing but you can not find a car parking space accept for a disabled badge space. You do not qualify for a badge to park there. Should you Parkin the space?


You see a neighbour crying on the stairs, what do you do?