Speaking, listening, communication and role play real life type activities and more

 Use these activities for speaking and listening communication learning, some are individual but others do involve pair or small group work providing a range of options. Also look at the writing prompts on this website as you can use these as an audio story prompt such as to explain what is happening in the picture and why.

Activities here are generally based on real life role play useful for developing independence, work and social skills.


It is your first day at work and you have been given a task you do not understand, do a role play of the situation and what you would do.

You are feeling unwell on a workday and therefore can not attend work do a role play about letting them know.

Do a role play about a Health and Safety issues at work.

Do a role play on responsibilities and duties at work.

You are the boss of a company where your relative works for you. A trusted member of staff tells you your relative is very lazy and makes mistakes. Do a role play including talking with your relative. 

In this role play ask your boss for a promotion.

Role play a good and bad job interview.

Role play going to a service such as the bank or cafe.

You need to fire one of your employees, do a role play.

You notice a fellow employee and friend is often on gambling sites at work or on social media like Facebook, do a role play on what you would do or say.

Use the U.K parliament debating resources and run the debate activities https://assets-learning.parliament.uk/uploads/2020/01/Secondary-Debating-Resource-2.pdf

Work with others and create some different political parties, write a manifesto (what you believe is important goals and therefore what you want to achieve) and run a mock election, use the U.K. parliament election resources https://learning.parliament.uk/resources/election-toolkit/

Role play emergency: You need a main operator and a phoning person to report an emergency to show happens when you phone 999 to help others like children know what to do.

You arrive at a hotel and the room is awful, do a role play.

You arrive in a foreign country and can not find your passport when you are going through customs what do you do? Do a role play.

Role play that you are in a restaurant and when you get the bill you have been over charged.

You see a friend crying, role play what you would do.

Your friend tells you they are feeling unhappy and struggling with their mental health. Do a role play.

You are in a restaurant. Your meal takes ages and is cold. What do you do.

At the airport someone you only met on holiday asks you to carry a package through customs saying they do not have room in there suitcase. What do you do?

You are in a supermarket and can not find an item do a role play on resolving the situation.

A friend asks if you want to go shopping, out they ask you to shoplift an item saying they enjoy the buss of stealing, what do you do?

You work in a shop and a lady returns a pair of shoes but they look warn, what do you do?

You need to rerun a gift that you do not have the receipt for, do a role play.

You join a new club related to an interest you have, you do not know anyone do a role play introducing yourself.

Try this Guess who I am drama art game from Drama Resourcehttps://dramaresource.com/guess-who-i-am/

Reporter and guest speaker or speakers role play: retell a news story as a live report

News role play 2 reporter and speaker role play: use a fictional event from a story and retell as a factual news story for TV.

You are informed that you are now unexpectedly King or Queen. Do a speech to the nation on your plans and deliver the speech in front of people.

Act out a moral dilemma or life problem of your choice and the solution to the problem you choose.

Role play soaps:First watch and re act out a soap scene

Second debate the issues in the sap scene (Why is the topic important? Is it good soaps do these stories?)

Third talk about why soaps are popular and what you think of them.

Film role plays:watch clips of popular films and then do the scene yourself first the same and then changing what happens in the scene.

Act out a doctors appointment between doctor and patient. You could also have other roles like receptionist, nurse or more than 1 patient.

Role play an advert for product of your choice

Tell your life story as a monologue (just you talking)

If there is a group of you put a cardboard box on the table then take it in turns to imagine to take an item out of the box acting out a scene without words and video your efforts. Get others to work out what you took from the box for example it could be animal like a dog, cat,snake,monkey. It could be food or drink like a bottle of wine, or a pizza. It could be clothing or something fragile like a vase or a music instrument or something practical like a tooth brush, brush or mobile phone...use your imagination.

Write and deliver a speech as your local PM what changes would you introduce.

Act out examples of good and bad customer service such as handling a complaint.

Pick an item that is important to you and present the reasons why..

You have brought a new top but you find a whole. Take it back to the shop and do a role play.

You are showing a four year old child who is crying and shouting asking you to buy him a toy he has seen, what do you do? Do a role play

Research an event in history and do a role play about it for example Henry the 8th and his Wife’s or Gaye Forkes

Create a news bulletin based on a nursery rhyme

You are auditioning for a talent show. Do your talent.

You are in a relationship but it is not working because you keep fighting talk to them about ending the relationship.

You have been asked to do a speech to convince people to support a charity of your choosing.

You work for a cartoon animation company they ask you to create a new range of cartoon characters and a cartoon for TV about emotions. You do a presentation firstly identifying emotions. Then you use different colours to create different drawn characters for representing the different characters. Think what colours are most suitable for different emotions. Draw out the different emotions and presentation your work to others telling them about the emotions cartoon.

Write a speech to convince people to support a team of your choice.

You are lost in London with very little money do a role play about what you would do.

You are going on a group holiday for the first time with friends it is your turn to convince your friends to go on a holiday you have chosen and researched.

You are hired as a sales representative do a sales pitch for an item of your choice.

Do a role play involving a scared, then ill, then drunk customer on an airplane. You need at least one air hostesses, a least one troubled customer and another customers.

Mental health conditions and discussion communication game: Research mental health conditions so you have some general knowledge. Put conditions on a post it so the partner can read but the individual does not know what it is. Through questions the individual with the post it on their forehead try’s to identify the condition. This can also be done for job roles, role models or life skills.

Invent a new word and do a mini speech explaining what the word means to people and why you have introduced that new word.

Design a new piece of technology that you wish existed and write a pitch to sell the product to theirs.

Work in small teams to design your ideal college answer questions like What time does it start and finish? How long are breaks and holiday’s, how large are class sizes? What topics are studied? What trips do you go on? What do you get to do at break time? What food is sold? What work experience do you get to do? How long would lessons be? What would tutors be like? Where would the college be based? What facilities would the college have?

Then do a video or presentation as a group advertisement for the college you have created. Similar activities could be done such as agreeing for a new facility in your town and then advertising it as a group presentation or video.

Useful speaking and Listening website to give you inspiration

Ted Talks https://www.ted.com

BBC bitesize https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/zpc9kqt/revision/1

https://www.trinitycollege.com/qualifications/english-language/ISE/ISE-I-B1-resources/ISE-I-B1-speaking-listening Use the ISE1 Audio tasks, first just listen. Then listen again taking notes. Next do a poster with as many factual pieces of information you can recall. The second time you can write notes. Resources are from Trinity College.