Spotlight on Good Interview and Employee Practice : The Case of Microsoft

Microsoft is a company now known for its very inclusive and accommodating approach to recruitment of people with disabilities.  Here, via these YouTube videos, you can watch mini case studies on the efforts Microsoft has made, like with Interviewing and also, once an employee starts work, the efforts they make.  There is a lot that other employers can learn from their work.  They also consider disability awareness training and general disability education and understand about disability etiquette. 

Disability and accessibility, the thoughts of Microsoft and their global work to make work more inclusive and demonstrating, good disability etiquette and showing good case studies from Microsoft.  There are a number of personal account videos and animated videos explaining how they meet the needs of candidates or workers who have a disability.  Doing this makes businesses more suitable for everyone without involving people who have disabilities and being inclusive.  It is easy to miss ideas and possible solutions for products that may come from a diverse workforce where everyone draws on different life experience.  

The case of Jessica Rafuse on working for Microsoft