The Benefits of Volunteering

Why Volunteer?  What are the benefits?

  • You can develop new skills, you can use day-to-day making you more knowledgeable and employable
  • To develop your self-esteem, improve your general wellbeing and sense of worth
  • To prove you can to yourself and others
  • To help your general health, keep active and busy
  • To gain more reasonability
  • To have fun, enjoy yourself and develop your interests
  • To develop new ideas and creativity
  • To learn more about yourself and challenge yourself
  • Earn Time Credits for example so you can get more involved in leisure activities and reward yourself
  • To gain additional training opportunities
  • To gain a reference
  • To develop your social support network, to help you develop friends and mix.  Develop your social skills and communication
  • To gain experience useful for the type of work you want, improve your CV and ability to answer interview questions
  • Contribute to your community or the environment, make a difference and feel good about yourself
  • To feel part of a team and develop team work skills
  • Check out local opportunities like Community Impact Bucks
  • To try something new
  • There is less pressure than paid employment so you can try out your skills and gain confidence
  • Check out Community Impact Bucks.  Or for Country Wide opportunities you can search for local options see Do It volunteering website Do-it.