Self Isolation Activity Ideas. Virtual Reality to Traditional Craft

March 18, 2020 4 min read

Self Isolation Activities - things to do from virtual days out to creative activities.  Free.

Firstly, we have a Creative Art Competition on this website and are looking for art, drawing, painting, photography, film - why not take part as many times as you like.

Check out our Art Creative website section. 

Other ideas:

You could use free resources and videos to help you learn to draw from Access Art.

Try a Pixar Animation Course.


Virtual free online visitor attractions:

Wildlife Trust has lots of isolation activity ideas and lots of real time nature webcams.

The British Museum

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

Buckingham Palace.

Shakespeare’s, The Globe Theatre.

The National Museum.

Vatican Museums of Rome.

The  Louvre  Museum, Paris.

Visit London Virtual Tour.

London Houses of Parliament.

Virtual Tower of London.

Virtual look inside 10 Downing Street.

Hampton Court Palace.

Twickenham Stadium.

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Fancy a Virtual Holiday?

Taj Mahal, India.

Pyramids of Giza.

Peru Machu Picchu.

Colosseum Rome, Italy.

One day in Jerusalem?

Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Take a look at Lapland.

New York Central Park.

America’s Yosemite National Park.

Disney Florida.

Disney have put together a fun course for designing a theme park, give it a try. 

The Sydney Opera House Virtual Experience.

Why not try a Virtual Experience and write a postcard like you were there!

Some Zoos are offering virtual visits and lots of free online videos like SAN DIEGO Zoo. 

Or try Vancouver Aquarium.

Edinburgh Zoo Webcam.

A Zoo in Japan, Hiraka has a range of webcams.

A Monkey Village in Japan has webcams.  The attraction is Jigokudani Yaen-koen.

Or if you like cats, check out Miaou’s. 

Maybe make a poster about what you have learnt.

Craft Websites

Start to help your mental wellbeing with 70 creative practical tasks, being creative, using art, photography, writing, drawing, collage, textiles, animation, mindfulness self-help and fun, however artistic you are.

Free colouring sites, likeJust Colour.

Take part in a drawing challenge – Instagram has many different drawing challenges and useful  prompts.  Use the time to try them out and inspire you.

Randomly pick a theme, like animals, trees, flowers etc and do a 100-day challenge to use this theme in a creative way, such as painting/drawing/writing keeping a record of your efforts.  Consider sharing the theme with others, so you can compare ideas and show what you have achieved.

Try some finger painting or paint with your feet.

Other ideas for activities or to relax.

Have a picnic in the garden.

Sensory sites.

Background Noise Rain.

Useful site mimics conversation and may help if feeling anxious or worried.

Listen to some Audio Books from Audible Amazon, free, during the Coronavirus.

Quick Reads Book List.

Brain Testers from Sharp Brains. or Luminosity.

Ted Ed offers insightful short education videos, free.

Let’s Day Out gives virtual days out and online demonstrations like cooking.

Read a disability blog, like, from this website.

Watch a Classical Concert.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, try an online Harry Potter class.


Check out, explore and watch animals in their natural Habitat - what have you learned about them?

London Online Gaming Festival.

Look at the British Comedy Guide.

Write a review of some comedy - what did you think?

Stay at home Virtual Choir.

Formula 1 Virtual Experience Videos.  Write about what you see as a Sports Reporter.

History Channel with Dan Snow on History Hit.

Look for good news stories, happy or funny pictures or quotes not related to the the Coronavirus (Covid-19).  Then share these on social media or make a poster of your findings to show others. 

Update your free apps and try apps, like, Draw Something Classic that get you and your friends interacting and guessing drawings. 

Host an online Virtual Party on Skype, Messenger or Zoom.

Watch a film.

Keep a diary or use creative writing websites by looking at the following:

Literacy Shed.

Story Starter.

Creative Writing Prompts.

Play a  Quiz like Kahoot!  Online 

Use an advert, a photo, a magazine picture or headline as a writing prompt or try an activity, like writing to your older or younger self. 

Use music lyrics or a music video to write a story.

Create Origami.

Write a letter to someone who you are not currently with or have an interview. 

Make up a memory box or time capsule.  Set up a photo booth and use different props.

Listen to a Podcast.

Attend a Social Distancing Festival, celebrating different types of art.

Explore virtual NASSA.  Learn about the stars and planets! 

Maybe do a poster about NASSA or a Planet.

Revisit a childhood game, like a favourite board game with your family or a card game, like UNO.

Learn to play and practice the card game, Solitaire, that you find on most computers.

Learn to touch type or simply improve your typing and IT skills.  There are some good free websites for this.

Watch the National Theatre online.  Look through this website from: improving your Maths, English and life skills to reading disability blogs.

Learn and put into practice a life skill, such as cleaning or cooking.


Mencap.  Easy read visual recipes book.

CookABILITY visual recipe videos.  United Response for people with learning disabilities on YouTube channel

The Cyrenians Good Food Pictorial Recipe Book Programme is a social enterprise with a mission to bring good food and healthy lifestyles to people who are experiencing disadvantage, isolation, poverty, homelessness and social exclusion.  They have produced a visual pictorial recipe book for easy follow recipe’s.

The Accessible Chef.

Jamie Oliver Cooking.


Do an NHS Fitness Studio exercise workout. 


Mr Motivator.

Try some NHS seated exercise.

Do some gardening at home.

Try an online YouTube free Yoga class.

Active in the Community, Bucks have a wide range of online exercise classes people can participate in.

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