General Election 2019 and easy read Manifestos

November 10, 2019 1 min read

To vote in the next general election in the UK register to vote here by November 26th 2019 If you look under politics you will find Mencap the learning disabilities charity has published a guide to voting also viewable here Mencap is also campaigning for easy read Manifestos that would explain simple the main parties plans if they win.These should help you know who to vote for. By voting you have a say in how the country is run and who’s plans you most support, that you think would also help you the most. 

Mencap have uploaded  as they have become available the 2019 Easy Read Manifesto detailing the plans of the major political parties if they win the General Election on December 12 United Response has also provided the main political party manifestos in easy read formats if you have problems with reading, or have learning disabilities or want a straightforward summary of each parties top priorities

Also United Response has a website explaining voting, it’s importance and understanding parliament the site is called Every Vote Maters

The election is to take place on Thursday 12th of December.