August 18, 2019 2 min read

Are you a individual with a disability or learning difficulties-can you offer us suggestions for our site? Can you share your experiences like of a sport, interest, independent living, cooking, driving or achieving other achievements like getting a job, volunteering, learning a new skill or anything related to independence or work with a disability important to you.

Can you share your experiences about any aspect of adult life with a disability and make a contribution to our site? You can do so anonymously if you like. Do you have ideas for other topics? Do you know of any websites, resource or organisations you think we should include?

Are you a professional working in the community do you have suggestions or ideas? Do you know any good links?

Are you working in disability services and wanting to advertise and contribute to our project for a very low annual fee? We want especially to hear from professionals like physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech and language therapists, counsellors,  Dyslexia specialists, job coaches and more as well as disability product specialists that fit with our work. 

Are you an organisation working with disabilities and with ideas to help us develop?

Are you an employer wanting an inclusive workforce? Can you promote your employment opportunities via our site or offer work experience?

Are you a volunteering organisation- can you promote volunteering opportunities with us?

Would you like to partner with us? 

We would love to hear your feedback !! We would love you to get involved !! Would you be interested in getting involved in this project because of your work, or life experience or your interests? Contact us.