Contact Us and Feedback Please

Do you have experience you could share related to life skills, independence, or work and having a disability or learning difficulty?

Share your experiences:  Have you got a job you could tell others about?  Do you have housing experiences, such as of living in independent living you could share?  Are you involved in Volunteering?  Are you learning to drive with a disability or learning difficulty or have you passed your test?  Are you a disabled parent?  Are you involved in disability sport or leisure?  We would love to hear of your experiences to develop some case studies and show your experiences.  We would like to know what issues are important to you in relation to independent life skills and work. 

Are you an organisation involved in promoting independence especially based in Buckinghamshire?  Are you on our database?  Could you tell us more?

If you are someone using our site, what feedback can you give?  How can we improve?  What do you think of the websites here?  Have you any ideas of your own?  What information related your adult life with a disability would you like on here? 

Are you an organisation that could offer a work placement or paid work to someone with a disability? 

Please contact me via my email address or contact form below: