Mystic Quartz pendant sterling silver and on a silver chain

Mystic Quartz is a natural whitequartz that has been coated giving it a beautiful rainbow colour effect. This stone pendent  is surrounded and mounted  in sterling silver and on a sterling silver chain all hallmarked 

Please help us fund our non for profit enterprise disability  services and website so we can firstly run and fund our disability adult life information site and also hopefully once things get back to normal get  individuals with learning disabilities, autism or other disabilities/mental health issues  to go on visits such as to botanical gardens, farms, zoos, conservation projects, take photos, get out, make and design products themselves such as from photography and art, up cycle items like furniture or make jewellery or source  gifts, develop work and retail skills, customer service skills as well as digital and social skills and creativity. They can contribute to our site developing IT, website and social media skills. They can learn from each other and teach others strategies. We want to promote life skills, achievements, documenting  success like finding  jobs, education, learning to drive, living independently overcoming disability and demonstrating life skills and disability strategies such as in time uploading art work, personal accounts, videos to share approaches. Also documenting their retail and workshop activities with us. Promote access to opportunities. Run for and by those with disabilities. We can not do this without funds, can you help?